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Italian home Shanghai Korean translation recruitment is in progress, interested friends are eager to sign up, and the treatment is preferential

Italian home Shanghai

in 2010, Italian home officially entered the Chinese market with a new business model (Internet +, o2o), and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing - Beijing humon Xinda International Trade

e Co., Ltd., and then successively set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou to focus on building a comprehensive service platform for high-end home building materials resources in Italy and Europe

job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for product translation and news translation of the company's Korean website

2. Be responsible for communicating with Korean Marketing and other related companies

3. Other work requiring translation assigned by the superior

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Korean/Korean, and other language skills are preferred

2. Korean/Korean has good listening and speaking skills and deep translation skills

3. Proficient in Excel, PPT and other office software





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