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If your home is small, if you live in a world of two, if you want a small coffee corner, you must not miss the small restaurant decoration case prepared by Xiaobian for you today. Let's have a look

the most idle corner in the home is the corner. For the small restaurant built at the corner, the corner sofa is a blessing. It can just fill the corner space and bring comfort. The Khaki corner sofa is very compatible with the color matching of the whole white + wood color. The corner can be used not only as a restaurant, but also as a working corner

how can the ordinary dining corner built in the later stage improve its beauty? It is king to have a sofa with great shape. As in the case, the blue European sofa "throne" sweeps away the ordinary feeling of the small restaurant, and the decorative mirror is selected for the background wall, which increases the sense of space and beauty

the corner space with two windows is extremely bright. Through the irregular sofa stool built in the later stage, the original "face" appearance has been changed. In this way, the sofa stool can completely accommodate three people. With the addition of extended seats, the small restaurant releases a large capacity. A family can enjoy the scenery and taste delicious food. Life is very beautiful

if you advocate simple beauty, you must like this example. Relying on the outdoor beauty near the window, you don't have to decorate any more. The simplest small dining table and dining chair can be arranged close to the corner. Finally, choose a beautiful colored tablecloth to make the simple corner full of charm

the small bay window near the corner of the wall has a quiet atmosphere. The special storage type white seat stool has the functions of storage and rest, while the rich dark blue cushion and red floral cushion add a calm and thick feeling to the white corner, and the color of the peaceful space. The oval dining table is more suitable for the long area than the circular dining table




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