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Zuoshangmingshe customized home, five-star quality, installed on the same day, checked in on the same day. During the May Day holiday, zuoshangmingshe launched a luxury gift promotion, with multiple discounts waiting for you! We look forward to your arrival

sleep in spring without dawn, good sleep? What we need is not only good pillows. Left shangmingshe may storm send a good gift

exclusive for may activities:

first, the customized whole house only costs 29999 yuan: it includes a projection area of 18 square meters, and can include customized cabinet furniture necessary for the five spaces of bedroom, study, living room, lobby and balcony. Color: Pearl White, atrium oak, high court oak, California cherry wood

II. Endless gifts

1. Courtesy of signing in: on the day of the event, customers participate in the event according to their orders, and receive a beautiful and valuable signing in gift upon entry

2. When the payment is over 5000 yuan, 300 yuan cash voucher will be given, and when the payment is over 10000 yuan, 600 yuan cash voucher will be given, and so on

3. Home appliance Awards: when a single purchase is over 3000 yuan, there will be a lucky draw for every 3000 yuan paid, and there will be two lucky draws for 6000 yuan, and so on

event time: May 10, 2015

event location: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

may event registration

you can enjoy a 100 yuan voucher and free door-to-door measurement

sign a bill and get a set of exquisite heart nourishing tea set worth 688 yuan

enterprise profile:

zuoshangmingshe household products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in advanced customized furniture and upholstered furniture. The company's products cover the whole household series, including cloakroom, wardrobe, sliding door, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, study furniture, integral kitchen cabinet, sofa, soft bed, etc. The purpose of such a long and complex product line is to provide customers with system solutions

in order to provide consumers with household products with good taste and unique beauty and value, our design concept is: seemingly casual, in fact, we carefully match various styles and materials, and integrate seemingly opposite design elements, so as to form a bright, warm, comfortable and aesthetic home

in order to meet the requirements of large-scale advanced customization of products, we establish an agile manufacturing system, and use ERP system to run through the whole production process, so as to make advanced customization and whole process traceability possible. More customized integrated intelligent software system, connecting customized design, order, disassembly, production, storage, logistics links, to ensure that it meets diversified design requirements

Zuo shangmingshe always insists on using excellent brands and materials at home and abroad, with excellent quality, health, safety and environmental protection. Zuo shangmingshe's selection principle: raw and auxiliary materials must be of high quality and stable. On the premise of meeting these two conditions, we will comprehensively integrate the technical advantages of well-known brands at home and abroad, repeatedly ponder every detail, and create a boutique home with the same appearance and interior and exterior





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