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Bank monitoring alarm solution

[system introduction

the bank is located in every corner of the city. It is a key national security unit. It has the characteristics of diverse scale, various important facilities, complex access personnel, and wide management fields. As the main circulation place of social currency and an important link of national economic operation, it has widely served various industries in China with its unique functions and advanced technology. Therefore, it has improved the scientificity of the banking system And security capability is particularly important. Our company has been committed to the research of security in the financial industry, and has developed a set of efficient, accurate, safe and reliable monitoring system based on the industrial computer of Yanxiang intelligent Co., Ltd. It has been widely used in many domestic commercial banks. [system requirements

safety and reliability of the project; reliability and compatibility of products; future scalability of the system; centralized control and reasonable layout;

easy construction, high cost performance and beautiful;

[system principle and block diagram

this system is divided into four parts from bottom to top: ATM monitoring system, business hall monitoring system, bank center computer room monitoring system, alarm processing and uploading subsystem.

atm video monitoring is mainly used to monitor the scene of each transaction, provide video data to prevent transaction disputes or malicious overdraft and other economic crimes, and also monitor the Sabotage. Through the software, the detector will send an alarm trigger signal to start the video recorder for video recording, and send an alarm signal through the audible and visual alarm device at the same time when the corresponding camera and video recording methods are adopted to sense the strong vibration for different working states, such as monitoring, vibration, cash dispensing and approaching

the monitoring system in the business hall is composed of four parts: front-end equipment, transmission equipment, control equipment, display and recording equipment. The objects monitored include the daily work site conditions of counter staff, providing video data for banking business management, transaction disputes and other economic criminal activities. Therefore, the definition, time, retrieval, system stability, convenience There are high requirements for intelligence

[system configuration

1. ATM monitor: ec-501/IPC - 68iivdfb/Celeron 700/20g/128m

2. Bank monitor: IPC - 880/IPC - 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line on the rear panel of the controller is in good contact 1621vn/CPU piii850/hard disk 300g/memory 256m

3. Firewall: IPC - 8205/FSC - 1611vd4n/CPU p the price of recycled waste plastic is much more convenient than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years Yiiii800/40g hard disk/256M memory

[the specific configuration can be changed according to the user's requirements]

[comprehensive evaluation

as the platform of the industrial computer bank monitoring system can be expanded at will, and the video and audio signals can be externally connected to other devices through the video and audio switcher (such as remote transmission, etc.) The access alarm can realize automatic alarm display through the controller host, and 8-way alarm can be accessed at the same time. The inspiration for preparing this material comes from the nature. It is equipped with various normally open node sensors (such as active and passive infrared, foot switch, emergency button switch, etc.), but channels and cameras can be added at will. The system adopts advanced equipment, flexible expansion, wide coverage and intelligent management. It has passed the certification of relevant national departments and has been widely used in the monitoring places of the national financial system, and has won unanimous praise from bank users

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