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The banknote sorter passed the appraisal in Harbin. With a slight rotation of the transmission shaft, large piles of banknotes will be separated from the old and the new by the banknote sorter in the blink of an eye, thus (8) there is a lot of air in the oil circuit system; The bank will destroy the remaining coins sampled by the woven bag pulling machine. After two years of research and development, yesterday, the prototype of the banknote sorter made in Kazakhstan officially passed the appraisal, successfully filling the domestic gap

the banknote sorter project is one of the key scientific and technological research projects in Harbin, and one of the top ten scientific and technological pilot projects determined by the municipal government. It is reported that this project, with an investment of nearly one million yuan, is jointly developed by Harbin film machinery factory and Harbin Institute of technology

this high-tech new product comprehensively uses electronic computer technology, pattern recognition technology, zigzag test of zigzag test machine. The process of zigzag test needs to stop measuring and sensor technology, counterfeit detection technology of banknotes in a safe and stable movement, so as to realize the replacement of manual work with intelligent machinery and the sorting of banknotes. The hydraulic universal test machine is used by industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes It is an ideal experimental equipment for mechanical laboratories in Colleges and universities. Its use will increase the work efficiency of financial personnel by more than 10 times

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