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Banna studies the development of rubber industry recently, the Xishuangbanna State Party committee and people's government held a working conference on the development of the four major industries of "grain, rubber, sugar and tea", summarized the experience and existing problems in the development of the "four industries" of the state, and proposed to "pool the wisdom and strength of the state", raise the four industries of "grain, rubber, sugar and tea" to a new level, and promote the rapid economic development of the state

Xishuangbanna is the second largest natural rubber base in China, and the average yield per mu and per plant of natural rubber ranks first in China. In 2000, the rubber area of the whole Prefecture reached 2.096 million mu, the rubber area that has been cut was 1.15 million mu, and the dry rubber output was 137635 tons. At present, 156 rubber processing plants have been built in the prefecture (including 38 agricultural reclamation plants and 118 private businesses), with a daily processing capacity of 900 tons and 75000 rubber employees

the meeting analyzed the severe situation faced by Xishuangbanna rubber industry. It is believed that the demand for dry film in the international market has exceeded the supply, and the price of natural rubber has fallen all the way in recent years. The price of rubber in the three major rubber producing countries in the world is 1000-2000 yuan/ton lower than that in Hainan and Yunnan. After China's entry into WTO, the tariff will drop to below 102% after running in. The rubber of Southeast Asian countries will further pose a threat to the rubber industry in this state. For the sake of the overall interests, the country may also moderately purchase the rubber from other countries, which will aggravate our market pressure. The decline of rubber price has had an extremely adverse impact on the rubber industry, the state finance and even the entire economy, and will also cause great difficulties for the further development of certification in the state

the goal of improving the development of rubber industry proposed at the meeting is to strictly control the rubber area and keep it within 2 (2) million mu with overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, upper and lower limits of displacement, emergency stop and other protection functions. We should innovate the management system, improve the technical system under the condition of oil immersion and smoothness, reform the cutting system, reduce costs, improve benefits, strengthen the protection of natural forests, vigorously develop mixed agriculture, forestry and rubber plantations, and improve the ecological environment. We should make new breakthroughs in system management and increase production and cost, and build Xishuangbanna into a nationally famous high-yield and high-quality natural rubber ecological park

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