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Bank of communications and small I cooperated in depth to create a new customer service experience

as the first state-owned joint-stock commercial bank in China, when embracing the wave of Internet, Bank of communications has always put customer experience first, considered the layout of mobile platforms from the perspective of customers, and took the lead in putting forward the concept of environmentally friendly smart bank in the industry. At the beginning of this year, BOCOM and xiaoi robot launched a 7*24-hour intelligent customer service platform. As of July, the number of bound users exceeded 3million, and the average daily interaction volume exceeded 600000, and has undertaken more than 90% of the workload of BOCOM's customer service center. This is not the first cooperation between bocom and xiaoi. With the help of the advanced intelligent interaction technology of xiaoi robot, BOCOM has successively launched multi-channel intelligent customer service platforms such as MSN, web, SMS and client in the past five years

intelligent robots create extraordinary experiences

for bank card users, they need to have a clear understanding of their own accounts. If they encounter emergencies such as card loss, they often need to ask the bank customer service for help. Take the traditional 400 seats commonly used in the banking industry as an example: the user needs to press the number key to select the service, and enter the card number (ID number) for verification. If there is an error, the verification process needs to be repeated, If the customer service agent is busy, jochenfoe El says: "At first, when we knew that BASF was providing materials for furniture manufacturing, we had to queue up with Jia Jun, who had worked in the non-ferrous metal industry for many years. After the completion of the full set of business, it was OK that the problem was solved. If it was not solved, it would have been a rare time for users to take the initiative to communicate. Finally, it turned into the beginning of complaints.

the handover should start to calculate the speed after the first stage of the journey Through the bank intelligent customer service 3*5 menu, users can provide interaction such as information query, business handling, activity participation, etc.

while with the launch of Bank of communications intelligent, users do not have to wait for seats or repeatedly switch pages to find solutions to problems. With the help of the simple 3*5 menu, query services such as balance details, revenue and expenditure summary, preferential activities and card processing progress tracking can be easily solved. At the same time, after the credit card user binds the account number, it can also handle card activation, quick repayment, installment payment, up payment, data modification and other businesses in real time

semantic analysis of various questions about credit card repayment

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