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There are many lawsuits against steel trade enterprises by banks, and the number of court sessions is less. The crisis is trapped in the three-party game. More lawsuits and fewer court sessions are the characteristics of the lawsuits involving steel trade enterprises since August. A relevant person of the people's Court of Pudong New Area disclosed to the daily economy that the court summons can not be delivered to the parties, resulting in the inability to hold a court session. In the future, the trial results can only be announced by public announcement

it is found that since August this year, Minsheng, Everbright, CITIC and other banks have concentrated on suing steel trading enterprises, but most of the sued steel trading enterprises are unwilling to go to court, so the court summons is often issued or collected by others, or even not accepted; Privately, they have been actively negotiating with the bank, hoping to extend the repayment time limit

some steel traders who came to respond to the lawsuit said that they were unable to repay the bank loans in time due to the breakage of the capital chain caused by bank lending and the decline of the market. A banker told us that at present, we have fallen into a situation of tripartite game among banks, guarantee companies and steel trading enterprises. The bank is trying to get out as soon as possible in order to pass on the risk. The banker said

On October 9, the daily economy was waiting outside the mediation room, hoping to watch a joint-stock commercial bank sue a steel trade enterprise. Half an hour later, the judge came to tell that the lawsuit was postponed because one of the defendants did not sign the court summons

on October 10, according to the court's announcement on the trial of other steel trade loan cases, he went to the court again. 15 minutes after the original trial time, the plaintiff and defendant still did not come. The last clerk in charge of the case came to tell him that the case was postponed because the defendant did not sign for the court summons. At the same time, two other similar cases handled by him on the same day could not be heard for the same reason

most of the steel traders were prosecuted because of the broken capital chain, but they were unwilling to go to court. A judge handling such cases told that privately, they have been actively negotiating with the bank to try to extend the repayment time limit

I met a steel trader who came to the court to respond to the lawsuit. Her experience was consistent with the above judge's statement. I owe 6.7 million yuan in loans to the bank. At the same time, several steel manufacturers of mutual insurance have been sued. Now the market is bad and the capital chain is broken. I hope the bank can extend the time limit for repayment. Miss sun, who runs the steel business, told me

when she learned that one of the defendants could not hold a court session because he did not sign for the court summons, miss sun was also helpless: at present, she can only try other financing channels to try to repay the money

the actual loan interest rate is 1 ~ 3 points/month

the above steel traders who came to respond to the lawsuit are for the user's reference. Miss Sun disclosed to her that the actual loan interest rate of 2.95 points/month has already pressed her out of breath

apply to the bank for a 6.7 million yuan loan for 6 months, with a loan interest rate of nearly 8%. The guarantee company requires to pay a 400000 yuan deposit and provide counter guarantee at the same time. Miss Sun told us that what the bank gave us was not cash, but an acceptance bill. There was still a loss in discounting, and it was also required to deposit according to a certain proportion of the loan amount. These have virtually increased the loan cost. After conversion, my actual loan interest rate is about 2.95 cents/month

the current market is not good. We want to lend another 1.8 million yuan, but the bank refused to renew the loan. Although the guarantee company is willing to guarantee, it requires 1million yuan of deposit from the 1.8 million yuan loan, which we simply cannot afford. Miss Sun told me

however, we also learned from the principals of some guarantee companies that Miss Sun's situation is a case in point. Generally speaking, the actual interest rate of loans from steel manufacturers is about 1 ~ 2 cents/month, and companies with good qualifications can obtain a loan interest rate of less than 1 cents/month. At the same time, it is not common for a loan of 1.8 million yuan to require a deposit of 1million yuan

tripartite game among bank, guarantee and steel trade

the steel trade crisis is actually the result of the tripartite game among bank, guarantee and steel trade. Seeing the decline of steel market, banks protect their own interests by withdrawing loans and stopping renewal of loans; Steel traders are struggling to support, and although the loan interest rate is high, they still hope that the market will improve as soon as possible; Some guarantee companies with small proportion of steel trade guarantee business turned around and turned around as soon as possible. Some guarantee companies with deep involvement had complex mentality, and some also placed their hopes on the improvement of the market

a loan manager of CCB branch disclosed to that CCB withdrew early from the steel trade crisis, so the loss will not be too large. Taking into account that the loan was withdrawn early, enterprises can still repay the loan from other banks. If other banks tighten up, it is easy to generate non-performing loans

at that time, CCB withdrew very hard. This series of products were easy to use. Leaders took the lead to visit people and ask them to repay (loan). Some more radical joint-stock commercial banks are still in deep trouble. The manager said

the president of a sub branch of the bank disclosed to: the bank has a steel trade customer and has loans from three banks including CCB. In 2011, we have predicted that the industry will be depressed and began to require the customer to repay as soon as possible

there is a game between banks. Before other banks respond, we will collect the loan first, so as to transfer the risk to the other two banks. The president of the sub branch said that when the banks collectively took out loans, the steel manufacturers had to sell the steel at a low price to repay the loans of one bank, and they completely lost the ability to repay the loans of other banks

Mr. Jiang, a steel trader who did not want to be named, told him that the bank's face has changed greatly in the past two years. From 2008 to 2009, they took the initiative to seek loans from merchants, but now they are scrambling to recover the loans. At the beginning, we could also use the time difference between loans and repay the money through loans from various banks, but now the banks are tightening up, which doesn't work

the bank will keep a close eye on the price trend of steel every month and ask the enterprise to increase the margin at any time. It is inevitable that our capital chain breaks. Mr. Jiang told us that at present, we still hope that the market will warm up

guarantee companies are also forced into the game. Compared with banks, guarantee companies have a deeper understanding of steel trade enterprises, and they know better how to grasp the scale of forcing enterprises. Mr. Zhang, general manager of the guarantee business department of Shanghai No. 1 guarantee company, told that some larger guarantee companies are still willing to wait for the market to warm up. (daily economy)

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