The hottest banning of logging in Indonesia brings

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Indonesia's logging ban has brought troubles to the pulp industry.

the Indonesian government's ban on temporarily stopping natural forest logging has been praised by environmentalists as "record query", but it has worried the pulp industry - they are worried that it will have a significant impact on their business

it is reported that after the government issued Decree No. 34/2004 on June 8 to authorize the Ministry to implement the ban, the Indonesian Ministry of forestry is drafting relevant details of the ban before selecting fixtures

according to the Jakarta Post, AGUS Purnomo, head of the Jakarta branch of the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), said in an interview with the newspaper: "we fully support this plan because it will protect our forests because of its strong stability." AGUS insists that the purpose of the new policy is not to hurt the forest industry, but to force them to pay more attention to environmental protection in their business activities

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