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Baosteel has raised prices for three consecutive months. The industry is bullish on the steel market after the Spring Festival to obtain accurate and convincing data. Baosteel, the "price adjustment vane" of domestic steel mills, adjusted its prices for the first time in 2013 a little earlier than in previous years

On January 7, Baosteel issued a price adjustment policy in February, which raised the prices of main plate products such as hot rolling, pickling, general cooling, hot galvanizing, electro galvanizing, aluminum zinc plating and non oriented silicon steel by yuan/ton

it is reported that Baosteel's monthly price adjustment policy generally appears after the 10th of each month, and this price adjustment is 3 days ahead of the usual. At the same time, this is the third consecutive month that Baosteel has raised the ex factory price of plates, and in these three price policies, the price has been raised more than once

analysts said that Baosteel's price adjustment was ahead of schedule and the price increase was greater than the last time, indicating that Baosteel is optimistic about the market after the Spring Festival. After Baosteel took the lead in raising prices, other domestic steel mills such as WISCO, Angang and Benxi Steel will also raise their ex factory prices in February. It is expected that the price increases will be more than 100 yuan/ton

according to his introduction, Baosteel's orders in January were well completed, and the orders of Angang, Benxi Iron and steel, Tangshan Iron and steel and other plate steel plants in January were also well completed. Because of the stock demand near the Spring Festival, most steel plant agents asked to increase the order quantity, but the steel plants were generally "unwilling to give too much"

in the process of its use, the order proportion of Tangshan Iron and steel to cold rolling agents in January was less than 30%, while the cold rolling agents of Angang and Benxi Iron and steel also said that the requirements of order increment had not been met

it is worth noting that the background of Baosteel's three increases in ex factory prices is that iron ore in the upstream of iron and steel has been soaring since early September

according to the iron ore price index of industry institutions, from $88/ton at the beginning of September to $154.5/ton on January 6, the price index of 61.5% Australian Pb powder increased by 75.6% in more than four months

the rapid rise of cost supports the rising expectation of steel price after the Spring Festival. People in the industry generally believe that steel price will rise after the Spring Festival when it can affect the accuracy of cement strength

"however, the rise before the festival is too strong. If it continues to rise, it may not rise so much after the festival." Wang Jianliang expressed concern about the "overdraft" of the market before the festival

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