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Bankex 0.2mm blue light resistant glass film startles Apple exhibition

in the hearts of many Apple fans, in addition to the annual Apple conference, the only thing worth looking forward to is the annual Macworld Asia Beijing apple exhibition. In the expectation of everyone, the 2013 Beijing apple exhibition will also be held at Beijing Convention and Exhibition CITIC on August 22. The well-known film brand Benks will also launch the first Kr anti blue light glass film that can protect eyesight and contains Nanotechnology at this exhibition, so that your TA can stay away from myopia from now on

as we all know, if a person looks at the iPad computer for more than a certain period of time, his eyes will feel dry, painful, sour and even cry. This is because almost all electronic products use LED as the backlight. We often see that the gorgeous and fresh, so the effective journey of the pull machine needs to hide a kind of light - blue light - that is harmful to human vision in the 480 ~ 690mm colorful pictures

with years of experience in film technology research and development, Benks has integrated blue light resistance technology into Kr diamond glass film, making this already excellent product more eye-catching, isolating the blue light emitted from the screen, minimizing the harm to the eyes after long-term use, and protecting the eyes from myopia

in addition to the function of anti blue light, the Kr glass film itself is characterized by its super scratch resistance of 9h hardness. The ultra-thin glass is only 0.2mm thick. The raw material is made of glass imported from Japan. It is more flexible than ordinary glass and has super scratch and wear resistance. Through impact test, it is found that it can effectively protect the original screen and improve the sharpness of the screen. KR carborundum glass film is also treated with nano coating, which makes it feel smooth and smooth, and can easily remove fingerprints and oil stains

eyes are the window to the soul and an important way to make people feel the beauty of the world. It has to be said that science and technology have changed life. In this era when men, women and children are all using it, protecting the eyes of both elderly parents and young children is a very important thing: Mom doesn't have to worry about my shortsightedness

this exhibition will also show more creativity and new products to many fans of Apple peripheral products. With the concept of "bang you want more", Benks strives to make creativity change life and provide more people with high-quality scientific and technological life. So far, Bondex Solvay Shanghai membrane technology laboratory has also provided membrane developers in Greater China with advanced testing and evaluation technologies such as scanning electron microscopy imaging and gel permeation chromatography. The market share in the industry is still high and stable, and it is a leading brand in 3C digital accessories. Zhonghua glass () Department

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