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Baokang electronics has become a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. Recently, Baoxin software Baokang Electronics was awarded the certificate of "key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan for future investment in recycling"

the identification of key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan is a guiding plan for the development of China's high-tech industry, which aims to promote the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of high-tech achievements. It requires that the identified enterprises have strong research and development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities, and the technological level of their leading products is in a leading position in China

in recent years, Baokang electronics has adhered to independent innovation and has owned a number of core technologies. In addition to being recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" in Shanghai for many years due to outstanding political achievements, it has also won honorary titles such as the cultivation enterprise of the city's science and technology giant, the city's patent pilot enterprise and the city's brand enterprise. A number of key science and technology plan projects and achievements have been selected into the city's science and technology plan projects, and nearly 200 patents and software copyrights have been applied for. At the same time, Bao's concept is very simple: we should unite enterprises, research universities, community universities, state, local and federal governments together. Kang electronics is also the first enterprise in the intelligent transportation and security industry to pass the certification of "national key high-tech enterprise"

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