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Baogou strives to build a glass industry base

recently, Tengzhou Huayang glass company successfully joined hands with Taizhou Far East Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. to invest 1. 200million yuan to build a three-dimensional magic glass production line. The successful settlement of the project once again proves that the "depression effect" of Lunan glass mall is attracting the attention of more and more investors

in recent years, the Party committee and government of baogou town have continuously increased their guidance and support, actively promoted the intensive management and cluster development of the glass industry, and become the largest glass distribution center in southern Shandong. It has been listed as the top of the "Ten Golden Flowers" of the private economy in Zaozhuang City. From January to may, there were 109 glass enterprises in the town, with 9420 employees and 28% sales revenue. 700million yuan and 87million yuan in profits and taxes, up 81% year on year. 7%、59。 4%。

the upgrading of industrial clusters must be driven by leading backbone enterprises. By supporting the leading backbone enterprises such as Jinzhou glass company and Yaohong glass, the town actively guides the glass production enterprises in the town to adhere to the market allocation, and carry out strong alliance in raw material supply, production and sales, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. At present, the base annually produces characteristic glass 2. With an area of 200million square meters, it has established agency business with more than 50 well-known enterprises in China, such as Yaohua Glass and Shandong Glass Group, and contracted the glass decoration projects of Tengzhou Hotel, Tengzhou Hotel, Yingtai ecological home and senior hotels in surrounding counties and cities. It has formed an industrial organization system in which many tennis stars such as Djokovic are using this racket, with complete industrial chain and sound service system

for the development of the base, we must establish innovative thinking and ideas, and establish a "sophisticated" technical platform to greatly reduce the energy consumption per unit area of newly-built houses. The town has continuously increased its investment in science and technology, established cooperative relations with large-scale R & D institutions at home and abroad, established high-tech incubation and transformation centers relying on the technical support of glass technology R & D centers of large enterprises, followed the development path of "combining production, learning and research", continuously cultivated forward-looking and competitive high-tech products, and expanded the production scale of new and environmentally friendly glass products such as tempered, laminated, hollow and coated glass, Accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of high-tech achievements

"administrative speed-up and service quality improvement" is the means and purpose of optimizing the economic development environment of the town. The town has comprehensively strengthened the efficiency construction of government agencies, carefully cleaned up and standardized enterprise related charging items, and made efforts to create an open, transparent, clean and efficient government environment. At the same time, the town further strengthens the guidance and service for industrial development and project construction, strengthens the supervision mechanism for glass projects, speeds up the planning and construction of glass trade center, business center, logistics center and other supporting facilities that adapt to market competition, strives to realize the multi-function of the industrial base, and creates a domestic first-class and internationally renowned modern glass industrial base

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