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Research on the characteristics and application of Intelligent Packaging Technology (Part 2)

3 characteristics and development of information-based intelligent packaging technology

information-based intelligent packaging technology mainly refers to a new technology that mainly reflects the contents of packaging and its internal quality, as well as the information of transportation and sales process. This technology includes two aspects [2]: first, the information recording and performance of the impact of the surrounding environment on the internal quality of goods during storage, transportation and sales; Second, recently, Shang has seen a lot of records about the production information and sales distribution information of experimental products that use friction machines to consider the function of engine oil. The technologies that record and reflect this information involve chemical, microbiological, kinetic and electronic technologies. Information intelligent packaging technology is one of the most dynamic and promising packaging technologies

the information-based intelligent packaging technology that reflects the quality of goods mainly uses chemical, microbial and kinetic methods to record the changes in the quality of packaged goods in the life cycle [1]. Generally speaking, the information of commodity deterioration caused by the change of commodity storage environment and packaging internal environment is mostly recorded by chemical and microbial methods, while the information of serious fall and dumping during transportation can be recorded by dynamic calculation and displayed by chemical methods. In terms of recording changes in the environment inside the packaging, the intelligent packaging indicator developed by VTT Biotechnology Laboratory in Finland has achieved substantial results. The key significance of this indicator lies in its ability to directly give information about food quality, packaging and reserved space gas, packaging storage conditions and so on. Freshness indicators can directly indicate the microbial quality of food through the reaction of new and old generation during microbial growth. It includes: leakage indicator and preservation indicator

the leakage indicator studied by this institution is specially designed for O2 leakage detection of map (modified atmosphere packaging). The indicator is based on oxygen sensitive dyes and is suitable for map food quality control. The agent also contains oxygen absorbing ingredients, which can prolong the shelf life of food and prevent the indicator from reacting with the residual O2 in map. The indicator is put into the synthetic film to further prevent the oxidation of the indicator during the packaging process. The advantage of O2 indicator lies in its irreversibility. VTT also uses laccase to catalyze the enzymatic reaction to form colored products, and studies the composition of leakage indicators. Laccase can oxidize many substrates under aerobic conditions. The composition of visual indicators requires the generation of colored products. For example, colored products from light green to dark green can be generated from ABTS. This indicator reacts with oxygen and shows rapid and obvious color changes, thus displaying the information of package damage

freshness indicators are used to show the freshness of meat and poultry products according to the changes in the content of volatile gases such as H2S in the packaging. H2S and myoglobin form a green pigment, myoglobin sulfide. The formation of sulfurized myoglobin in myoglobin preservation indicator was used to control the quality of map poultry meat. These indicators with myoglobin as the main component that can visually detect the color change are pasted on the inner surface of the cover material of the packaging shallow plate containing fresh poultry meat. Their color change is related to the quality of poultry meat, that is, once H2S gas is generated, the indicator will change color immediately

many precision and valuable commodities have extremely strict requirements on transportation conditions. Therefore, in order to avoid disputes, a device for recording dynamic information is needed to record dynamic behavior (such as falling, dumping, etc.) information that may cause damage to goods during transportation. This device for recording kinetic information is often composed of two isolated chemical powders. Once the prohibited kinetic behavior occurs, the isolation is lifted, and the two chemical components react, showing the third color. The receiver can know whether the goods are safe during transportation through this record display device without opening the package of the goods

intelligent packaging, which can display the production and sales information of goods, plays a positive role in users' mastering the use performance of goods and automatic logistics management. This kind of intelligent packaging is generally composed of electronic chips, software and bar codes that record information, also known as electronics combined packaging []

the intelligent microwave heating package developed by Rutgers University in the United States is an example of this kind of packaging. This kind of intelligent microwave heating packaging is a good information carrier. It encodes the information of food processing into the information code of the packaging. The microwave oven is equipped with a barcode scanner and a microprocessor to obtain these processing information and control the heating effect of the microwave oven. In this way, the information channel between food, packaging and microwave oven is established

store all the information of the goods, such as name, composition, function, origin, shelf life, weight, price, use guide, warning, etc., in digital form in the microchip on the package, so that consumers can easily read these information. The package with electronic data information can cover a wide range, and it can be applied to almost all products, including food

the informatization development of modern logistics puts forward higher requirements for the intellectualization of packaging, because a basic material basis for the development and management of logistics informatization is the intellectualization of packaging. Most of the information needed for logistics management should be carried by packaging. In other words, if the amount of information on the packaging is insufficient or wrong, it will directly affect the progress of various activities in logistics management. Without the cooperation of intelligent packaging, the scanning equipment and computer management equipped by modern logistics management will be useless. The goal of traceable transport packaging [] is to develop a form of transport packaging technology conducive to automatic management, so that the transport containers can be tracked in the whole process on the circulation route, which is convenient for the control center to complete the adjustment and management of the transportation route and goods, and on this basis, it has planned to form a stepped enterprise talent team to facilitate the circulation and transportation of goods For the purpose of optimal routing and low transportation cost, an intelligent logistics system is built with the help of information network and satellite positioning system. The intelligent packaging technology being developed by P & G can predict the shopping situation of customers [5], so as to optimally manage inventory. The intelligent packaging technology mentioned here is a low-cost microprocessor embedded in Tide detergent packaging or Pinke cartoon packaging, so as to finally establish a seamless and integrated supply chain management. Companies can use this to track the whole process of each product from production to sale, and finally make highly complex data sharing a reality. According to this (for example, some information on the clamping surface of the fixture of samples such as plastic film and fiber yarn can realize the seamless transmission of information between factories, trucks, shelves, shopping carts, commodities and banks without manual scanning and input. For P & G, the supply chain cycle is shortened by 2 days, which means that the operating cost of US $1.5 billion can be reduced.

information intelligent packaging technology can reflect the quality information of packaging materials and commodity circulation information, which gives Logistics Management and consumers have brought a lot of convenience. This technology is developed with the development of technology in other fields. Developing all kinds of information intelligent packaging can bring economic benefits

4 conclusion

intelligent packaging technology is an emerging technology branch that integrates a diverse knowledge base. Creative design and human centered thought are the essence of "intelligent packaging" technology. The emergence of intelligent packaging technology makes commodities and their packaging more friendly to human beings, and makes the man-machine interactive communication of business information simpler. Intelligent packaging will play an important role in protecting the rights and interests of consumers and personal safety, protecting the normal order of the market, facilitating electronic commerce, and developing new forms of product consumption, and has a very broad development prospect

at present, the application of intelligent packaging technology in countries all over the world is still at the beginning of other components, such as control arm and steering knuckle, and some technologies are still in the stage of experiment and research. It can be said that this technology is also in its infancy. How to seize this opportunity, develop China's packaging industry, improve the technical content of China's packaging, in order to meet the requirements of the international economic form under the new form, is a problem faced by every packaging person. With the changes of the times, the variety of goods is more diverse and complex, and the functions of packaging are also more and more. The wave of high and new technology has pushed packaging to a higher level of development, and the development of intelligent packaging is a historical necessity

source: Packaging Engineering Author: Chen Xin

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