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Accident causes and Countermeasures of heat exchange operation between electrically accelerated air flow and the tested piece

"safety first, prevention first" also points out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China. Our party and country's safety production policy. Safety is the foundation of electric power industry and an indispensable and important link. In order to ensure the production of electric power industry, China's power management departments at all levels have formulated various policies and regulations, carried out safety publicity and education, and conducted anti accident exercises, which have played a positive role in power safety work

1. Electrical misoperation

electrical misoperation refers to pulling and closing the disconnector with load, closing the disconnector with grounding wire or grounding knife switch, hanging the grounding wire or closing the grounding knife switch with power, etc

in case of the above accidents, the electrical equipment will be impacted, and the contact or equipment will be damaged, or the electricity will be disintegrated, affecting the whole electricity or causing personal casualties

2. Although it has high efficiency in the conversion of light and energy, the reasons for misoperation are (1) insufficient safety education, ideological paralysis, and weak safety awareness

(2) do not act in accordance with safety regulations

(3) unfamiliar with professional technology and business

(4) the principle and structure of main wiring and equipment are not very clear

(5) poor rest, bad mood, rush off work

(6) the accident was not handled in strict accordance with the principle of "three not letting go"

3. Anti accident measures and Countermeasures

(1) strengthen safety ideological education, strengthen safety awareness, and eliminate paralysis

(2) strictly implement the safety work regulations of electric power industry

(3) strengthen professional and technical business training, learning, examination and assessment

(4) be familiar with the principle, structure, performance of the equipment under your control, and the main wiring and operation mode of the power plant and substation where you are located. The cooperation space between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large

(5) the personnel on duty should pay attention to rest and maintain the best mentality; Don't panic about being busy getting off work

(6) after an accident, it shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the principle of "three not letting go", that is, "don't let go of unclear accident cause analysis, don't let go of the accident and employees without education, and don't let go of preventive measures"

(7) educate all employees to improve safety awareness by sending accident notification, and take the accidents that have occurred as a warning, so as to achieve the purpose of educating all cadres and employees with vivid and specific examples

(8) organize all departments, offices, stations, stations, shifts and groups to analyze and discuss the accidents that have occurred, so as to achieve the purpose of educating all employees and drawing lessons. Through the discussion, we should also compare the shortcomings of each station, station, shift and group in work and the hidden dangers of unsafe accidents

(9) each power plant and substation shall regularly hold two anti accident drills and at least one safety production self inspection every quarter

(10) post the organizational and technical measures to ensure safety in the main control room of each power plant and substation for comparison and reference by the watchman during operation

(11) strictly implement the review, review and approval system and procedures of the operation ticket to reduce the misoperation caused by the error of the operation ticket

(12) if possible, electrical and mechanical locking devices should be used

(13) special attention: take safety measures in all possible directions (including self-contained power supply)

in short, through the above work, strive to eliminate the accident in the bud, and truly achieve "safety first, prevention first"

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