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Research on the application of robots in packaging industry

robot technology has been applied in the field of packaging engineering for a long time. There are many aspects of robot operation in packaging applications, among which the most mature are stacking, packing and filling robots. In the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, many packaging processes are completed by robots. At the annual international packaging machinery exhibition, new packaging robots will be launched

packaging industrial robots are mainly used for the handling, loading and unloading and stacking of bulky and bulky objects; Packaging of clean products that cannot be touched by human body, such as food, drugs, especially biological products and microbial agents; and packaging of chemical raw materials harmful to human body. With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is becoming wider and wider. Mainly:

(1) collective packaging and packing: packing multiple packages at one time

(2) bagging of large powder bags: put the powder into a specific soft bag at one time, and complete the stacking at a specific position at the same time. For example, the containerized bag packaging of cement and chemical product powder

(3) high speed cartoning, folding and sealing multi station packaging

multi station rapid packaging of some large cartons and pallets, such as folding, pressing, sealing, etc. after filling the cartons with goods

(4) handling and binding of heavy objects

packaging, handling and binding of heavy products that are difficult to be handled by people. Such as stacking, bundling and wrapping of metal castings, especially aluminum ingots, copper ingots and zinc ingots in precious non-ferrous metals. There are also the handling and stacking of frozen meat and

products in large refrigerators

(5) packaging of fragile items

pack groups of bottled products at one time, such as bottled beer, bottled soft drinks and other items

(6) packaging chemistry of harmful liquids and filling of harmful liquids such as pesticides

(7) identification and detection

automatic identification and multiple information detection of different parts of some packaged products and packaged goods under different conditions. At the same time, it also has the function of classification and classification

the above work depends on manual work to complete the research and application of robot technology

types of packaging robots:

(1) the bagging robot determines the difficulty. So as to promote the

bagging robot is a fixed rotary machine base, the body can rotate 360 degrees, and the manipulator completes the transportation, bag opening, metering, filling, bag sewing and stacking of packaging bags. This is a highly intelligent packaging robot

(2) packing robot

similar to bagging robot, the packing of general metal and glass packaging containers is completed by rigid packaging robot. There are two kinds of grabs for packing (items) including mechanical type and air suction type. It can move as a whole. Grab or adsorb the package, and then send it to the packing box or tray at the designated position. It has the function of direction and position automatic adjustment, and can realize no unloading and direction adjustment without box (pallet). This kind of robot is a relatively mature robot, which is widely used. Such as beverages, beer, cosmetics, cigarettes, etc

(3) stacking robot

this is a robot with high power

requires high stability and balance. The gripping mechanism has a self-locking function to ensure the firm and reliable gripping of goods from dozens of kilograms to several tons. It also has a parameter control system of time, position and force, which is realized through the set control program

(4) filling robot

this is a robot that measures, transports, capping (capping) and identifies after filling the packaging container with liquid materials. It has the functions of no bottle feeding, no bottle feeding without cover, broken bottle alarm and automatic elimination. In the past, the filling of many liquid materials was mainly carried out on the production line with the manipulator, which is the local function of this robot. Now, this robot is directly configured at the rear of the material production host to weigh the quality of the oil products that are not required to work under the conditions of smooth gap and inclusion, so as to realize its automatic filling. Filling robots can be divided into soft packaging and hard packaging. Here we analyze the hard packaging (bottling) filling robot

(5) packaging and conveying robot

this robot mainly refers to the robot used for packaging and conveying plastic bottles in the packaging industry. It uses power and special components to realize the transportation of bottle bodies (empty bottles), quickly output and arrange the packaging bottles in the bottle barrel, and then give a specific (direction, size) force compared with traditional glass parts. Make the bottle body accurately reach the filling workpiece through the parabolic route in the air. This robot changes the traditional bottle conveying mechanism. The conveying speed is accelerated and the conveying space is reduced. It is a new concept of packaging robot. It realizes its conveying operation with the help of aerodynamics and special mechanical components


) recognition and detection robot

this recognition and detection robot is an intelligent system. It includes the identification and detection of packaged products and the classification identification and detection of products (such as fruits)

recognition and detection robots use many advanced technologies, mainly recognition and detection technology. It includes hyperspectral and multispectral image technology, X-ray flaw detection technology, nuclear magnetic resonance detection technology, infrared detection technology, thermal infrared image detection technology, laser image technology, etc

now we focus on the analysis of grading robots in fruit packaging. Nondestructive testing is the key technology to realize automatic grading and packaging of fruits. The research of American researchers shows that the machine vision with ordinary CCD camera can realize the nondestructive detection of the external environmental quality of fruits, and the accuracy is high. With the help of the characteristics of hyperspectral, near-infrared, mid infrared and X-ray, higher detection accuracy and processing speed can be obtained, which is the focus of current research. NIR can also detect the sugar content of fruits, and can be used to evaluate the quality of fruits. In addition, the internal quality of fruit can be judged by the dielectric properties of fruit and impact detection technology. In the detection and classification of fruits, special classification devices and the transmission control of detection result information are also needed to realize the transmission, orientation and positioning of fruits. These are related technologies of fruit recognition and detection robot. (EN can normally output these 8 items d)

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