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At present, there are more than 1000 automatic corrugated board production lines with more than three or five layers in China, not including those transformed by enterprises themselves. Large import lines can also be found in developed provinces and regions, especially in areas with developed packaging industry, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces. However, with the increasing requirements of customers for cartons, at least half of the corrugated cardboard can not meet the requirements of customers in terms of bonding strength and pressure resistance, or just barely meet the national standards. However, some carton enterprises have not yet fully realized the important impact of corrugated board binder on the moisture resistance and water resistance of cartons, and they have insufficient understanding of this. Some enterprises do not even know this. For moisture-proof, carton enterprises all know that coating moisture-proof agent on the surface will inevitably increase the cost, which will bring consumption of personnel, equipment, energy, efficiency and many other aspects, while the problems of moisture resistance and water resistance cannot be properly solved

carton enterprises have realized that there are not many cartons with moisture resistance and water resistance. It is generally believed that factories have been a kind of production method that has improved the grade rate of cathode products for decades. They still have customers and can survive. At present, there are still a few domestic enterprises (customers) that have water resistance requirements for cartons. Xinfei electric appliance, LG electric appliance (South Korea) and taixinglong food (Singapore) are ahead. Of course, many carton enterprises have adopted this technology for their customers and the user units are not aware of it, such as Xinke, Little Swan, Gree, Haier and other large carton packaging users. Their packaging can be commissioned by some enterprises. It should be that the cartons produced by these commissioned units are incomparable to other factories. The user may not know the reason

at present, many carton enterprises feel that they are unable to meet the new requirements put forward by customers, and customers can only retreat and ask for second place. Of course, this is related to the raw materials that producers try their best to adopt through cost reduction and efficiency, but most of them are still factories that adhere to the rules in the formulation and process of adhesives, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs in technology. Long "he said that if this goes on, the loss of customers will be inevitable."

whether the requirements of the current national standards for cartons are applicable after China's entry into WTO remains to be discussed. After joining the WTO, the packaging of export commodities will rise sharply, and other indicators of cartons that have not yet been put forward will inevitably break through the existing requirements, such as carton packaging that is more suitable for long-distance, sea transportation and refrigeration. There is no doubt that the requirements for the adhesion and compression resistance of cartons are higher, especially the proposal of moisture resistance and water resistance will make carton enterprises face a very passive situation. Seeking innovation to break through the inherent way of thinking and methods should be the first consideration of China's carton enterprises

at present, domestic five layer automatic lines can reach more than 100 meters per minute, while most imported lines are more than 150 meters. High speed has higher requirements for adhesives, and the traditional paste making method has been difficult to adapt, mainly in the bonding strength. There are standards for the production of machines, but the paper and raw materials used are different. Therefore, it is impossible to adopt a single paste making method and proportion to adapt to the changing paper and other raw materials. It is obviously "impossible" to find a formula suitable for all regions and factories, while it is entirely possible for factories to find a formula suitable for their own equipment through efforts

there are many reasons that affect the bonding strength, such as the regulation of machines, different materials, climate change, etc. comparatively speaking, the production of adhesives is more important, and the production of adhesives is related to the paste making equipment. Through the investigation and operation of more than 500 paste making equipment with more than three layers across the country, including single-sided machines, we found that at least one-third of the paste making equipment can not meet the requirements:

I This is mainly reflected in the fact that a large number of enterprises' paste making equipment is self-made, and the mixing intensity and speed are not enough, which leads to the inability to stir through the carrier cooked pulp, incomplete reaction, uneven mixing between the main body and the carrier, affecting the stability of the glue amount, resulting in uneven bond strength of the paperboard

II. Incorrect proportioning and measurement. Domestic lines generally adopt the steinhol method, which is a two-step process. The carrier and the main body are mixed after being made respectively. If the solid content of the carrier and the ratio of the carrier to the main body are well controlled, the adhesion of the paperboard can be relatively stable

III. mix proportion. The process should be changed according to the different paper used. The same order, the same raw materials, the same mix proportion

IV. due to seasonal changes, the formula proportion and solid content should be corrected in order to save as much as possible

and it is required to manufacture with non-magnetic materials. However, for the new automatic production line in the past two years, the speed is higher, and the use of high-strength low gram weight base paper has become an inevitable trend in the industry, especially imported paper, which has a moisture-proof coating on the surface, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal bonding strength using the current adhesive formula, such as Finnish corrugated paper, Mecca, Swedish white faced Niuka, etc., to achieve the standard bonding strength at high speed, Only other preparations can be added to the production of adhesives. Jinqiang td-515 water-resistant reinforcement additive produced by Changzhou Tianyuan Chemical Company can be directly added to the starch paste and stirred to achieve twice the result with half the effort, increase the bonding strength, make the produced paperboard smoother, firmer and more compression resistant, and also have special water-resistant and moisture-resistant properties, which can completely avoid hollowing and degumming before and after the production process, Poor quality such as soft cardboard

finding a reasonable proportion of adhesives, improving the mixing strength of paste making equipment, and using additives can completely enable carton enterprises with automatic production lines to calmly face the requirements of any kind of corrugated boxes in the world that can and already have

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