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Atlas Copco air compressor - the only choice for quarries

Atlas Copco air compressor - the only choice for quarries

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now all walks of life are facing a market situation of insufficient demand, excess supply, and strict product homogeneity. Competition among enterprises is increasingly reflected in the level of operation and management. How to reasonably allocate various available resources and give full play to their maximum value has become a serious problem that enterprise managers need to face. Traditionally, the quarrying industry has characterized the shore hardness by the size of L value. The larger the L value, the more extensive it gives the impression. But in fact, there are many smart managers in this industry, and Yin's father and son in Dalian are typical examples

on the Bank of Jinzhou Bay, Jinzhou District, Dalian, in addition to the fruit laden cherry orchard, there are also some quarries scattered. The Linchang stone mine processing plant in Jinzhou District of Dalian City, where Yin's father and son live, is located. Thanks to its unique geographical location, the limestone resources bestowed by nature, and the vigorous development of various infrastructure construction in Dalian, this quarry started more than 20 years ago and has now developed into a local enterprise with considerable scale and strength, providing high-quality aggregates for many major projects in Dalian, such as Harbin Dalian high speed railway and other infrastructure projects

old man Yin Keli has been in his 70s and has always been a local legend. He joined the army in his early years and then returned to his hometown to work at the rural grass-roots level. He was responsible for managing collective enterprises. After the reform and opening up, he went into business under the influence of hard work and wealth. The ancient Chinese saying "rely on mountains to eat mountains" is particularly correct at this time. Aware of the huge demand for building materials for large-scale construction, Yin Keli set his eyes on the mountain behind the village. After obtaining the limestone mining management right, he began to conquer the mountain with his two sons borrowing more than 50000 yuan

over the past 20 years, through continuous learning and exploration, they have gradually become experts from laymen. Yin's father and son have slowly developed their business. At most, they once operated four quarries at the same time, but now they only operate one. The annual output is not less than 2million m3, and the annual turnover has reached tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, it has gradually formed a set of effective operation and management methods, which is particularly prominent in equipment management. Old man Yin Keli made clear the responsibilities, rights and interests, and entrusted the equipment management to his son Yin Xili. Yin Xili inherited the characteristics of his father's good management. At the same time, he is also a hands-on and thoughtful person, and he is also familiar with all kinds of equipment

according to Yin Xili, the quarry has grown from a few people at first to more than 100 people now, with more than 200 people at most, more than 90 sets of equipment at most, and nearly 80 sets now. In terms of equipment management, he formulated various rules and regulations related to the use and maintenance of equipment and strictly implemented them to ensure that many equipment are always in good condition. The same as 13. The tensile tester objectively evaluates the application range of Extruded Boards. The inspection stroke is 800mm; The personnel on duty every day will also report the use of the equipment, including production, fuel consumption, maintenance and failure, and the maintenance personnel will also establish a file for the maintenance of each equipment. In order to improve the maintenance level, an overhaul factory was also established, and technicians were hired to form a maintenance team that can overhaul the engine

Yin Xili has accumulated rich experience in long-term equipment management. He is good at research. He knows the performance, characteristics and other information of all kinds of equipment at his fingertips. Combined with a large amount of data accumulated over time, he can calculate the productivity and cost of the whole life cycle of the equipment, which forms the basis for him to make decisions on the purchase of complete equipment, accessories, overhaul and so on. In terms of equipment procurement, he does not blindly pursue big brands or only consider price factors. Instead, he first selects similar products from different manufacturers according to the principle of "enough, practical and easy to use", and then comprehensively considers production capacity, reliability, procurement cost, consumption cost, maintenance cost, life cycle, service capacity and other factors

taking air compressors as an example, Yin Xili used many brands of air compressors in the past, and began to use Atlas Copco's air compressors around 2004. Through comparison, he found that the international major brands really did not have a false name, their production capacity was better than other used air compressors, and their reliability was very high. Although the purchase cost is slightly higher, he found that the comprehensive maintenance cost of the air compressor using Atlas Copco is lower, which can be said to be more economical. Moreover, Atlas Copco's after-sales service is also very good. Although there are no faults, service engineers often come to the quarry to check the use of equipment and supervise the normal maintenance. Yin Xili saw the advantages of Atlas Copco's air compressors, and gradually sold other air compressors, all of which were converted to Atlas Copco, and successively bought five. These air compressors played a great role in the subsequent surprise production

originally, because the planned site of Dalian new airport is nearby, old man Yin Keli realized the potential opportunities. At the same time, sunshine lottery also realized that the control of blasting will be more and more strict. Therefore, it began to carry out drilling and blasting three years ago. Five air compressors, DTH drills and rented drilling rigs jointly implemented 24-hour uninterrupted production. Such high-intensity production lasted for more than two years, completely blasting a hill. Now, blasting has been strictly controlled, and the quarries of Yin's father and son can still produce normally calmly relying on the stones blasted in the past

the air compressor that has withstood the test of long-term full load work is not needed for the time being. Yin Xili treats the two in his hand as second-hand equipment, but it still has certain value, which has to make him more firm in his dependence on Atlas Copco Brand. Although the current mining industry is not as prosperous as it used to be, he still keeps three spare machines in his hand for emergencies. "Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared", Yin Xili said with a deep sense of business. From his firm eyes, the editor saw the firm, smart and open-minded attitude of the older generation of Yin family, because they understood that for the quarrying industry, air compressors are absolutely irreplaceable in terms of economy and efficiency

entering the huge quarry about 1000 m long and 400 m wide, the finished aggregate has piled up like a mountain, and the business is still going on in an orderly manner. They have witnessed the shrewdness of yin and his son, and also proved their own value

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