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Shenzhen FANUC robot servo motor maintenance preferred [Haoshun electromechanical]

Shenzhen FANUC robot servo motor maintenance preferred [Haoshun electromechanical]

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preferred maintenance of FANUC robot servo motor in Shenzhen [Haoshun electromechanical]

an integrated servo motor, the servo motor (1) is connected with the servo driver through the cooling device, the cooling device includes a cooling sleeve, the servo motor (1) is sleeved in the cooling sleeve, and the housing (2) of the servo driver is connected with the cooling sleeve, And the wall body of the cooling jacket is provided with a cooling channel; The shell (2) of the servo driver is made of metal heat-conducting material, and the interior is closed. 1. A shell with a newly-built experimental recording cavity is installed with a fan (11); The electric junction box (16) is located in the cooling jacket, and the encoder (17) is connected to one end of the central shaft of the servo motor (1) close to the electric junction box (16); The servo driver is provided with a shockproof device for protecting the electronic components (12) installed therein. After adopting this structure, the heat dissipation effect is good, the cooling effect is better, and the maintenance is convenient

purple line is a-axis or α Align the axis to the electrical angle position (minus) 30 degrees from D, that is, align to the electrical angle point of -30 degrees: figure (5) d, q axis vector and a, B, c axis or α、β The relationship between the angles of the axes is shown in the figure below. The brown line d axis and a axis or α Axis alignment, i.e. direct alignment to the point of electrical angle 0. The purple line is d 'axis and a axis or α The axis difference is 30 degrees, that is, it is aligned to the electrical angle point of -30 degrees: the mainstream servo motor position feedback components in figure (6) include incremental encoder, absolute encoder, sine and cosine encoder, resolver, etc. In this discussion, the output signal of incremental encoder is square wave signal, which can be divided into incremental encoder with commutation signal and ordinary incremental encoder. Ordinary incremental encoder has two-phase quadrature square wave pulse output signals a and B, and zero position signal Z; The incremental encoder with commutation signal has ABZ output signal

a manual rotary table operated servo motor drive control device, which can be applied to an electromechanical device equipped with a servo motor, such as a sewing machine device, so that the user can conveniently and safely control the operation of the servo motor in the sewing machine device with waste foamed plastic as aggregate in a manual way when it is necessary to repair the sewing machine device. During this operation, as long as the user can remotely control the operation of the servo motor by means of the manual runner module arranged outside the sewing machine equipment, without touching the servo motor arranged inside the sewing machine equipment and any mechanism or device on its periphery, it can provide convenience and safety for the user in use

it can also form a high-precision full closed-loop control system with external position or speed or torque sensors through interfaces. Modern AC servo drivers have the functions of parameter memory, fault self diagnosis and analysis. The vast majority of imported drivers have the functions of load inertia measurement and automatic gain adjustment. Some can automatically identify the parameters of the motor, automatically measure the zero position of the encoder, and some can automatically suppress vibration. The combination of control functions such as electronic gear, electronic cam, synchronous tracking, interpolation motion and drive provides a better experience for servo users. Integrating fieldbus, industrial Ethernet technology and even wireless network technology into servo drivers has become a common practice of European and American manufacturers. The important direction of the development of modern industrial local area and the focus of the competition of various bus standards is how to adapt to the requirements of high-performance motion control for real-time, reliability and synchronization of data transmission. With the increasing demand for large-scale distributed control devices in China

a rotary electro-hydraulic servo valve driven and controlled by a servo motor can be used in servo pressure testing machines and constant stress pressure testing machines with high accuracy requirements. Do you know? In the control system. The implementation scheme of the utility model can not only meet the structural requirements of the servo valve under bad working conditions, but also improve the performance and service life of the servo valve; The main body of rotary electro-hydraulic servo valve directly driven by servo motor includes upper computer, lower computer, servo controller, servo motor, coupling and servo valve with rotary table structure. The upper computer and the lower computer are used to convert the required data into control signal commands; The servo controller is used to connect the lower computer and the servo motor to improve the control accuracy; Servo motor provides active rotating power; The coupling is used to connect the servo motor and the servo valve with turntable structure. The utility model focuses on the design of a structure that uses an external servo motor to provide power to control the internal flow of the servo valve, replacing the previous structure that relies on the internal magnetic field force of the servo valve to provide power. The causes of dgshjdjsyxgs

axial current: (1) asymmetric magnetic field; (2) There are harmonics in the power supply current; (3) Poor manufacturing and installation, uneven air gap caused by eccentric rotor; (4) There is a gap between the two semicircles of the detachable stator core; (5) The number of pieces of stator core with fan-shaped lamination is not appropriate. Harm: the motor bearing surface or ball is eroded, forming point like micropores, deteriorating the running performance of the bearing, increasing friction loss and heating, and finally causing the bearing to burn out. Prevention: (1) eliminate pulsating magnetic flux and power harmonic (such as installing AC reactor on the output side of frequency converter); (2) During the design of the motor, the bearing seat and base of the sliding bearing shall be insulated, and the outer ring and end cover of the rolling bearing shall be insulated. Why can't General Motors be used in plateau areas? Altitude has adverse effects on motor temperature rise, motor corona (high voltage motor) and commutation of DC motor. Attention should be paid to the following three aspects: (1) the higher the altitude, the greater the motor temperature rise, the smaller the output power

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