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Canon vigorously promotes China's business output to enter the era of color

on October 29, the business imaging program department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. held a new product conference with the theme of full color in Beijing, and launched three color digital multi-function machines, imagerunner advance c2020/c2025/c2030 (hereinafter referred to as Zhijian IR adv C2000 Series). Canon Zhijian IR adv C2000 series color digital multifunction peripheral not only has excellent color performance, but also is simple and easy to use, which can effectively reduce the overall office cost and provide a wise solution for department level applications to transition from black-and-white office to color business

high precision full color: professional quality derived from color printing

Color undoubtedly plays a decisive role in improving the business expression of enterprises. The existence of these problems makes China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. In business negotiation and proposal, exquisite charts and patterns are used in business documents and PPT, which is far better than ordinary documents; When communicating, with the help of color block level changes, complex charts and data tables will be easier to understand and improve business efficiency; During daily document exchange, copies of ordinary invoices and other documents will also appear more formal due to color. Better color expression means stronger market competitiveness and more business opportunities

Canon Zhijian IR adv C2000 series new products use the imaging system developed based on Canon imagepress series digital printing equipment. Based on human visual habits, the new imagerunner advance controller presents images with a high-precision printing resolution of 1200*1200dpi, and the image processing effect is more realistic and delicate. At the same time, priority is given to the high-resolution processing of text and lines, as well as the gray processing of images and graphics, so that the text can be output more truly and accurately

at the same time, the new product uses PQ toner with high image quality, which also improves the mature pigment differential dispersion toner technology from imagepress series, which not only expands the color gamut, but also further improves the output quality of the image through the improvement of the surface shape of the toner. 4. The configuration list is clearer

simple to control color: realize the smooth transition from black and white to color

Color multi-function machine has strong performance. Traditional black and white office users often need to change their habits to adapt to the new output mode. The black-and-white and color output speeds of Zhijian IR adv C2000 series products are 20, 25 and 30 pages/minute respectively, which is the same as the speed of office equipment commonly used at the department level. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the needs of black-and-white text printing and growing color business, and realize the smooth transition from black-and-white to color; At the same time, the moderate output speed effectively reduces the first purchase cost of the equipment and eliminates the cost barrier of the first purchase of department level upgraded color output

unlike black-and-white printing, color output requires more panel operations, and many enterprises will be equipped with color machine operators. The new product provides a more comfortable operating environment. Equipped with a brand-new 5.7-inch LCD TFT touch panel, a bright large screen touch screen, the display effect is vivid and clear, and the eye protection design makes the light softer, which can protect the operator's vision. Panel operation supports personalized customized menus. Users can personalize menus and background colors according to business needs and operation preferences. Common fixed operations can be bound with keys, making business output more convenient and accurate

the media involved in color output is also much richer than black-and-white output. Zhijian series products are suitable for using thin paper, plain paper, coated paper, label paper and other papers. The new products use a touch carton switch design. Just click the carton button, and the carton can easily pop out, making it easier to change and add paper

in addition, the new product also supports direct printing of storage media. Using SD card, USB and other storage devices can be directly connected for data printing, saving and other operations, making daily printing more convenient and free

colorful wisdom: reduce the business output cost of enterprises

in the office environment of large and medium-sized enterprises, many office equipment with similar functions are often distributed. Some functions, such as fax, may not have a high utilization rate, but they are indispensable. Too far away will also reduce work efficiency. Zhijian IR adv C2000 series products have the function of remote fax, which can effectively use the existing resources in the enterprise office environment. How can you control and switch with unknown results as a condition with only one smart phone? Therefore, in practice, the imagerunner advance C5000 series products are equipped with fax components, and other Zhijian IR adv C2000 series products in the same local area can also send and receive faxes. It is not necessary to equip each device with fax function, which greatly reduces the office cost

at the same time, Zhijian IR adv C2000 series has powerful server like function, which can build an information sharing environment at low cost, and can share the advanced storage box function of imagerunner advance C5000 series through remote access, so as to maximize the utilization of resources. It not only provides a large amount of data storage space for the Department, easily realizes the sharing and updating of folders, but also saves the cost of servers and daily maintenance

in addition, Zhijian IR adv C2000 series, like other Zhijian products, supports reader extensions PDF format. Users can scan and convert paper documents into reader extension PDF documents, and use free adobe reader (version 7.0 or above) to add comments, notes, signatures and other information to the documents, so as to convert paper resources into exquisite PDF compatible documents without purchasing paid versions of software, saving software purchase investment

low carbon environmental protection and improving the green goodwill of enterprises

with the enhancement of the national awareness of environmental protection, the new trend of low-carbon business is still unstoppable, and Zhijian IR adv C2000 series products can be called the environmental protection pioneer. The new product not only realizes the low emission of carbon dioxide in the whole life cycle of the product, but also uses renewable organic bioplastics, and the recycling treatment will not cause the increase of the total amount of carbon dioxide. At the same time, lead-free components are widely used in the whole machine and optional components, which minimizes the lead content of steel, copper and aluminum in mechanical parts and does no harm to human body and environmental safety. Like other office equipment under canon, the new products not only meet the international standard energy star standard set for the development and promotion of energy-saving office equipment, but sometimes the test results can not well reflect the quality of products in actual use, but also meet the EU environmental protection ROHS standard

in May this year, Canon launched the imagerunner advance C5000 series of high-end color digital multifunction peripheral, which provides a printing level image quality solution with high return on investment and simplification for color operation output of large and medium-sized enterprises; This time, Canon also launched its imagerunner advance C2000 series of medium and low-end products, which not only maintained the printing level color output quality, but also achieved zhiyoudao's effective use of other output devices in the office environment to save costs. The simple and user-friendly design helped users realize the barrier free upgrade from black and white to color, and promoted the easy upgrade of more department level applications into the color business era

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