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Rong Lian was selected as the best application case of machine heart AI

the 2019 machine heart AI annual award was officially announced: pay attention to entrepreneurial pioneers and focus on product cases

with the typical industry case of "intelligent voice robot to build a" marketing + customer service "full scene intelligent center for Beijing Hyundai Automobile", Ronglian was selected into the "2019 machine heart 30 best AI application cases", providing the industry with a learning sample of AI technology application that can be used for reference

selection introduction

the annual artificial intelligence award of "synchronized machine intelligence awards" has been widely concerned and valued by the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad since the establishment of the 3.175mm steel ball in 2017. At present, it has become the largest and most authoritative annual award in the field of artificial intelligence in China

this year, the selection has been held for the third time in a row. After more than two months of application solicitation, machine heart received applications from nearly a thousand institutions, including leading AI enterprises and early innovation enterprises worldwide, traditional industry giants using AI for technology upgrading, and investment institutions deeply involved in the AI industry

the biggest difference between this selection and the past is that it pays more attention to the power of the industry. It is selected from the perspective of "enterprise service" rather than "media", focusing on the products, application cases and industrial implementation of AI companies, and screening the most noteworthy enterprises based on real and objective industrial performance

top 30 best AI application cases

selected materials with better performance price ratio for standard use: the objective and reasonable application scenarios found in the existing business at present, through the use of artificial intelligence technology to obtain competitive advantages such as rapid business growth, significant improvement in production and operation efficiency, and significant reduction in production costs, the application scheme is practical and economical, and provides the industry with a learning sample for the application of artificial intelligence technology

the reasons for the selection of machine mind evaluation are as follows:

Beijing Hyundai builds a full scene intelligent center of "marketing + customer service" through Rong lian ai intelligent voice robot

Beijing Hyundai Automobile realizes the comprehensive intellectualization of customer service and marketing system through Rong lian ai intelligent voice robot, replaces and assists manual seats to realize intelligent voice consultation, intelligent outbound calls, scene based multi round dialogues, and realizes the efficient precipitation and analysis of massive data, Effectively screen out high intention customers, provide personalized services and precise marketing, significantly reduce operating costs, while significantly improving the conversion rate and customer service satisfaction, create a closed-loop intelligent system of "marketing + service" of Beijing Hyundai Motor, and comprehensively enable the intelligent development of business in the future

please indicate the source of low shrinkage nylon modified materials

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