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The information technology of instruments and meters with high consumption and low production must be changed as soon as possible

in view of the current production situation of many Chinese enterprises with high input, high energy consumption, large emissions, more pollution and less output, experts suggest that we should vigorously develop and apply the information technology of instruments and meters to achieve the economic strategic goal of sustainable development proposed by the Chinese government

In 2003, China consumed 5 billion tons of crude oil, raw coal and other resources, but its GDP was only equivalent to 4% of the world. This situation of high consumption and low output has attracted great attention of the Chinese economic circles and the Chinese government. The experience of developed countries in the world shows that the friction or humidity in modern chemical equipment shows problems. In order to develop the industry, we must take the road of small investment, less consumption, no pollution and more output, we must vigorously develop the information technology of instruments and meters, and replace the 50 limit manual operation with science and technology and standardization

according to the instrumentation branch of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of machinery and electronics, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, the application of industrial automation systems in China has shown a sharp upward trend, and one third of the annual market of more than 1000 sets of automation systems comes from Chinese enterprises. Industrial control system technology has been more and more applied by Chinese enterprises. Instruments and meters are the source and important part of the information industry. Long strip samples can also be cut with other cutters. Instruments and meters are not only multipliers and pioneers in industrial production, but also military combat effectiveness, which is most fully reflected in the US Iraq war. Therefore, China should vigorously develop the instrument industry and apply it to enterprise production in order to achieve the effect of energy saving and high yield

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