The informatization management function of Liaohe

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Liaoyang Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. has continued to invest and gradually enriched since the national "Seventh Five Year Plan". This morning, the forum continued to be held in 2012 to improve the workstation and network, and constantly introduced the efficiency and level of high production, operation, management and decision-making according to the relevant person in charge of the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center, thereby enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise

during the "Seventh Five Year Plan" period, the company actively participated in the construction of microcomputer application informatization in the national light machinery industry, and adopted IBM multi-function microcomputer for the first time, taking the first step of enterprise computer informatization management

during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" to repair the main weight-bearing bones, such as leg bones, more than 3 million yuan was invested to build a local area. The products of American SunOS company were used, and more than 20 terminals were distributed in various production workshops, using UNIX system, forming the basic structure of the enterprise's internal management style

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, while investing in the construction of CAD studio and financial computerization, projects such as the application of zmb-ii intelligent multi-function dynamic balance tester for dynamic balance experimental machine and the application of grating technology transformation for large-scale special machine tool equipment were completed. The CNC, digital display, PLC and other technical equipment owned by the company here account for about 25% of the total equipment

in 2002, the company continued to purchase computers to enrich all departments, and the production command system formed a microcomputer network with the production workshop. The company has its own page (www.)

since this year, it has invested in the introduction of dynamic designer, CAPP, cam, PDM systems, workstation update, equipment purchase, personnel training and other related work is being implemented as planned. It has realized the upgrading from the application of single technology to multi-level and comprehensive application. Through the implementation of automation, informatization and intelligent management of planning, organization, control, coordination, supervision, personnel, finance, materials, production, supply, sales, etc. in the production and operation activities of enterprises, it has realized the automation of product design, production and management process, so as to effectively reduce the cost of product research and development and accelerate product renewal, Improved quality

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