Global demand for paper will fall by half in the h

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Within ten years, the global demand for paper will fall by half.

according to a new report, the demand for paper will fall by 56% between 2008 and 2020, and the number of commercial documents and printing using hi ant technology solutions will also fall by 45.5%

this stationery and paper manufacturers' industry report, entitled "European paper and printing outlook 2008-2020", analyzes the demand trend of printing and graphic paper in Western Europe, and says its analysis results have sounded an alarm for the industry

according to the report funded by Sunchemical and paperlinx, the total demand of the end-user market is expected to decline by 32.5% by 2020, which is similar to the record level in the early 1990s

it is estimated that due to the increase in publications, advertising sales will be affected, and the business magazine section will be impacted by digital media. For various reasons, the magazine demand will also decline by 32%

Richard, the researcher and author of the report? Harris is the chief consultant of pulp and paper of NLK Association. He said: This is undoubtedly a wake-up call for those in the industry who cannot see the capacity problem. Many companies will have to rethink and reposition their goals. One of the purposes of the report is to encourage discussion rather than wait for difficulties to occur

however, although Harris said that the market situation will become more difficult for the industry, he said in his report that the paper, printing and publishing industries still have time to fight back to improve product quality and durability

in the future, and the future demand will also be impacted by the great development of electric vehicles, the major development trend of printing technology storage that should also be strengthened may include the digital printing process, which will subdivide the market into multiple sections with large capacity, and further digitally integrate the creative printing interface

speaking of the paper industry, the report predicts that new substrates will be introduced, such as RFID insertion with intelligence, professional printing or the introduction of nanotechnology

according to Harris' analysis, the market with better performance will be the advertising and commercial printing departments, and the demand is expected to decline by only 14.5%

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