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From the analysis of the influence of the sample quality on the printing resistance of the baking plate

the quality of the sample is mainly in two aspects: the clarity and chromaticity of the sample. Clarity refers to whether the handwriting and line thickness of the version are clear, undistorted and uniform. The chromaticity of a plate sample, commonly known as blackness, refers to the depth of toner used for graphics and texts and handwriting on the surface of the plate sample

the clarity of the edition sample is easy for the publishing staff. If there are quality problems, they can be corrected at any time. The chromaticity of the sample is not easy to grasp, and only professionals can judge it. In some special cases, the sample publisher needs to adjust the thickness of the handwriting and the amount of toner at any time according to the actual situation. If the surface of the plate sample is very thin lines, the sample publisher should thicken the lines (or add line numbers to the thickness) and appropriately adjust the amount of toner. Otherwise, although the lines can appear on the plate sample, it gives people a clear feeling and is relatively scattered, but because the lines are too thin, the device accuracy of the tensile testing machine will stop rechecking. The printing plate has low printing resistance, and sometimes it will fall off in the process of making up because of its weak adhesion

for the plate makers, the shade of the sample also affects the normal exposure time and development time of the PS version. The exposure time of the sample is for the whole sample, not a certain part of the sample. If the chromaticity of a certain part of the plate fails to meet the standard, the focal length must be adjusted to affect the normal exposure time of the plate, or due to overexposure at the same time, the printing resistance of this part is lower than that of other parts. If you expose according to the standard of this part, other parts will be underexposed

therefore, for special circumstances, the publishing staff should seek the opinions of the plate makers to avoid the waste of raw materials. So is the development time of PS version

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