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Beauty cosmetics packaging market: global operation and competition of brands

take type I or type II samples

[with China's accession to the WTO, domestic cosmetics enterprises are facing more than domestic competition, and foreign brand new products and exquisite packaging continue to join the competitive line. The global operation, packaging competition and innovation of domestic brands will give your products the first opportunity and win more markets.]

in today's society where economic integration is becoming more and more obvious, globalization has become an important strategy for enterprises to compete internationally. Brand development, brand education, brand innovation and other issues have also been increasingly valued by domestic enterprises. Although there is no rich brand management experience of international brands, and there is a lack of management methods for successful brand operation, Chinese local enterprises are still exploring a feasible way, starting from learning the advanced technology and management experience of foreign enterprises to learning the successful publicity and marketing models of foreign enterprises, and trying to innovate, so as to drive development. This is no exception in the beauty and cosmetics packaging industry

first, foreign brands drive packaging competition

the "coat" of product connotation for many consumers, they still have the impression of white porcelain bottle green iron cover, antique and affordable "great friendship" snow cream in their minds, but this old brand, which was famous all over the country in the 1980s and has hundreds of millions of customers, can only rely on increasingly reduced consumer groups to maintain its meager sales now. In sharp contrast, many foreign brands need to understand the working principle of the electronic tensile testing machine. With new technologies and products, it appears in China with dazzling and elegant exquisite packaging, followed by overwhelming packaging and publicity, and its ultimate goal is only one - to compete for every possible customer

cosmetics, as a kind of fashionable consumer goods, need high-quality packaging materials to enhance its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, while glass, plastic and metal are the main cosmetics packaging container materials, and cartons are often used as the outer packaging of cosmetics. "Constantly developing new materials and new processing technologies and pursuing new shapes have always been the development focus of cosmetics packaging containers in the industry." An insider explained

second, only through innovation can we remain invincible.

a technical engineer who has been engaged in material packaging research for a long time said, "now, the application of materials is not limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles, and the application of new materials has also become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products."

take the well-known P & G (Procter & Gamble) as an example, the bottle material of its "exciting" bath brand has changed the previous hard plastic texture, and chose a more humanized soft and hard plastic packaging, which virtually increases the affinity of the product. By implication, the successful launch of "exciting" has something to do with the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, another brand of P & G - "Pantene", on the basis of the existing strong brand, has made a lot of efforts to improve the packaging pattern and material, and strives to inject fresh vitality into the "old" brand

the crystal series products produced by a cosmetics Co., Ltd. in the north are successful cases of domestic brands. Because the paste manufacturing process of its products is relatively unique - essence with various functions are made into spherical particles, filiform flowers and other shapes with full-automatic computer paste making machinery, and placed in Mile shaped transparent gel, which is not only crystal clear, fashionable and beautiful in appearance, but also completely sealed with essence. Therefore, in the selection of the outer packaging bottle body, the designers specially chose plexiglass materials with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same hand feeling as glass and more solid, coupled with gold and silver bottle caps with high quality and gloss, giving this crystal series cosmetics a luxurious and fashionable product connotation

this means that fashionable, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting outer packaging design and the adoption of new bottle types will become one of the means for cosmetics manufacturers to win the terminal in the future

third, the mainstream of the packaging market

first, fresh-keeping cosmetics will occupy a considerable market. In order to meet the needs of customers, enterprises choose to produce products without preservatives. Therefore, enterprises have to fill them in tiny containers so that people can use them all at once. For example, many brands of essence use this packaging method. Although this kind of cosmetics is generally expensive and difficult to become a mainstream product in the market, it is a symbol of the future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group

the second is the development and design of green packaging materials. At present, more and more cosmetic enterprises have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, and will also consider the choice of cosmetic packaging materials - can these materials be recycled? "Like products, there is no doubt that green and environmentally friendly packaging materials will be the general trend."

another possible mainstream is multi-layer plastic composite technology. It can make multiple layers of different kinds of plastic compound together, plastic out at one time, you can choose any color and design any shape - as long as you have enough imagination. With the multi-layer plastic forming technology, on the one hand, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air and avoid the oxidation of skin care products. On the other hand, by mixing different kinds of substances, it can bring people wonderful visual effects and unique hand feel in appearance, and improve the flexibility of hoses

at the same time, vacuum packaging is quietly emerging. Vacuum packaging can protect skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high resilience. Another important development direction of true curing system empty packaging is to highlight functionality, which is very important for less complex containers

information source: Guangdong packaging

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