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Carton Enterprises: informatization is getting better.

with the progress of science and technology and the rise of environmental awareness, paperless management has become the development trend of carton industry management. However, for the traditional industry - carton industry, how difficult it is to realize paperless. At present, although there are ERP systems in the industry to solve some management and statistical problems, the paperless degree of the office has been greatly improved. However, it has become a habit for the production workshop to rely on paper to transmit work information. At present, most of the paperboard machines have online functions, which can be connected with the ERP system. Orders can be generated. In addition, it is necessary to consider the impact of market sentiment on the market, manage the system to arrange the scheduling and directly transmit them to the machine, reduce the cumbersome manual order printing and delivery, and effectively reduce the probability of manual order input errors in the workshop, Improve efficiency and save manpower. However, printing machine scheduling is often unable to achieve effective management like paper machine, which still needs to be arranged by production personnel according to the actual operation situation. It is difficult for the production management personnel to effectively control the production progress, resulting in a major loophole in management

informatization is a hot topic in recent years, but what is informatization? Many people think that office computerization is informatization. In fact, informatization is not just computerization or the completion of ERP system in the company. Informatization includes many stages: office computerization - ERP management system - paperless production process. Office computerization has been quite popular. Many office software on the market, such as office and housekeeper, can't fully meet the needs of the carton industry, but basically the office can use computers to bill and sort out customer data, which has met the basic document processing. However, ERP is further integrated for it, so that the original decentralized systems with their own operations have a source to facilitate management, but ultimately it is necessary to achieve paperless operations, so that offices, production workshops to warehouses, are all completed by computerization. No matter in the office or workshop, the paper is no longer flying all over the sky. The transmission of information completely depends on cables and, so that it can be updated and updated from time to time

according to a well-known information company in Singapore, the company has developed a complete set of paperless production management system for paper mills. From the warehousing of base paper to the shipment of finished products, the whole production process is arranged by computer: except that the order placed by the customer is input by the document feeder, the production arrangement and completion time estimation such as paper distribution, arrangement of paper feeding by the paper machine, printing by the printing machine, post processing sequence, etc. do not need to manually issue and send work orders at all. Each production process is arranged by computer, and the business personnel or management cadres can understand the progress of the workshop and estimate the completion time without going to the workshop. Workshop operators only need to complete the operation according to the instructions given by the computer, so as to simplify the production management of the workshop. With remote management, we can master the production situation thousands of kilometers away and make adjustments according to the actual situation. It can be said that we have achieved "strategizing thousands of miles away". It is understood that at present, the machinery manufacturers that can be combined with this system are limited to the machines produced by Europe and the United States after 2000, and need to have the function of supporting communication protocol (TCP/IP). Because it takes a servo host as the center through the office mode, and connects the paper machine with the printer and the computer of the post processing department, all production processes are calculated by the production management computer and transmitted to the paper machine through the server through optical fiber. When the paper machine is finished, this information will be immediately fed back to the host to inform the printer that production can be carried out. This process can be completed in only 3 seconds, and because it is optical fiber, it will not affect the transmission quality even in high temperature environment, with less failure rate and maintenance. It is understood that at present, there are already paper mills in Japan that can buy and connect the industrial chain in the future, and there are also two domestic ones using the system (the first half). The advantage of this system is that it can greatly reduce the errors caused by manual operation, and effectively and simply control the production process; The disadvantage is that the cost is not cheap, and the transformation of the existing plant is not easy

as a host, heart technology always comes from human nature, whether ERP or NP (paperless system), and its purpose is to simplify the production process. In the current competitive market economy, informatization is the only way to improve production efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

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