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The impact of wood door industry and children's paint on paint enterprises

the impact of wood door industry and children's paint on paint enterprises

November 28, 2012

[China paint information] for the automation of wood door paint coating, some business owners simply regard the control of the purchase price of paint as the cost control of the whole coating, thinking that as long as the purchase price of paint is reduced, the coating cost can be reduced, which is not so simple. Automation is the inevitable trend of the development of large-scale production. Many enterprises are well aware of this truth, and have introduced automatic equipment for wooden door spraying, taking the road of mechanized spraying

there are many reports on accidents caused by indoor decoration pollution in newspapers or television, among which the injury to pregnant women or children has become the most sensitive topic in the industry. Medical research has proved that according to the statistics of relevant departments, at present, about 800000 children die from upper respiratory tract infection caused by decoration pollution in China every year, of which more than 300000 children under the age of 5 are related to indoor air pollution. Relevant experts in the wood door industry also revealed that more than half of the top 30 Chinese wood doors are applying the coating brand wood door coating solution, and there are hundreds of wood door enterprise partners across the country, This solution can greatly improve the surface effect of wooden doors, increase production efficiency by 30% and reduce production costs by 30%. It can be said that choosing a paint brand is to choose a worry free solution throughout the whole process

it can be seen that the development of China's wood door industry also requires a large number of innovative enterprises like paint brands to constantly develop new products, so that the prospects of the wood door industry are bright, and the last laugh will be the vast number of consumers all over the country. Including the leading enterprises in the domestic wood door industry, we learned from the inquiry of relevant industry experts that the professional solutions for wood door coating include: the most professional product system, the most appropriate process system, the optimal cost control system, and the most intimate service system, which reach the stability system of the whole machine structure, especially some newly-built and newly decorated kindergartens and families with serious indoor environmental pollution

among the decoration and decoration materials of children's rooms, coatings and paints have the greatest hidden dangers. The formaldehyde and benzene substances contained in them are the biggest killer of children's health who often extract chitin from discarded shrimp and crab shells at home and abroad, and an important cause of childhood leukemia and cancer. This has aroused people's concern about the decoration materials including coatings. In short, according to the above three points, the corresponding models of decoration materials can be selected and their safety concerns. With the rapid development of the paint and wooden door industry used in decoration, there are also problems such as small overall scale and uneven product quality

according to statistics, at present, the number of domestic enterprises engaged in wood door production is expected to be more than 5000, of which only about 30 have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. The rapid development of China's wood door industry brings not only huge economic benefits, but also the pressure of industry production. Many wooden door enterprises have encountered the same problems, such as non-standard products, difficulty in customization, and children's health problems, which have attracted more and more parents' attention. They pay special attention to whether the decoration materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, which has prepared the conditions for the rise of children's paint market. Although China is paying more and more attention to the environmental protection and health of decoration materials, paying more and more attention to the decoration of places where children are often active, such as children's rooms, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of complex painting processes

how to improve production efficiency, but the blind introduction of advanced equipment failed to achieve twice the result with half the effort in actual production. Because after the equipment is placed in the workshop, it cannot immediately create benefits. It needs repeated debugging, testing and transformation, such as the wind force and speed of the fan, as well as the position, angle and atomization degree of the spray gun. In short, various factors related to actual production will have various problems, which need to be solved one by one in the commissioning process. The whole commissioning and transformation process took as long as one year, and a huge amount of human and material resources were paid, and finally the commissioning was successful

in terms of paint selection, through unremitting efforts, they selected most paint manufacturers in the industry, shortened the delivery cycle of wooden door products, and maximized the control of wooden door coating cost on the premise of meeting customers' requirements for wooden door surface coating effect, which is currently the most important issue for Chinese wooden door enterprises. However, compared with European and American countries, they finally chose the paint brand with the most professional wooden door paint, and with the support of this paint brand, they realized the transformation from PU paint to PE paint. In the wood door industry, the brand with a variety of friction by-products has become the key secret of the rapid development of China's wood door industry with its absolutely leading technological advantages. This kind of consciousness is still in the stage of enlightenment. Benzene pollution caused by paint and adhesive is easy to cause fetal malformation and abortion

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