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Ceramic tile, ceramic tile, is a kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone, which is formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering of fire-resistant metal oxide and semi metal oxide. Building or decorative materials are called ceramic tiles. Its raw materials are mostly mixed with clay, quartz sand and so on. So, do you know how to choose tiles for decoration? Home decoration tiles have a variety of materials, processes and patterns. In the face of various famous tiles, many people are always confused, and do not know how to choose tiles for decoration to best meet their needs. Below, I have summarized the four most common use needs of netizens about ceramic tiles, and selected several corresponding advantageous ceramic tiles to help you easily create a comfortable home

how to choose tiles for decoration

1 Ceramic tile demand: dirt resistance and wear resistance

for practical people, dirt resistance and wear resistance should be the preferred basic performance of ceramic tiles. Most living room spaces, especially in the living room where guests are greeted and many people go in and out, need hard and wear-resistant ceramic tiles. Dirt resistance and wear-resistant ceramic tiles can not only prolong the life of building materials, but also save you a lot of thought in daily household cleaning and maintenance, Let's take a look at the priority choices of dirt and wear-resistant tiles:

polished tiles: hard and wear-resistant living room is the most suitable floor tile

polished tiles are a kind of bright bricks formed by grinding the surface of the whole brick body. Their outstanding advantage is hard and wear-resistant, which are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as balconies, exterior wall decoration, etc. On the basis of using the technology of infiltrating flowers, polished bricks can also make various stone like and wood like effects

glazed tiles: impervious and dirt resistant kitchen and bathroom are especially suitable for

glazed tiles are tiles whose surface has been glazed and fired at high temperature and high pressure. The outstanding advantages of glazed treatment are impervious, dirt resistant and easy to clean. Although the wear resistance is slightly worse than polished tiles, most glazed tiles have very good skid resistance, rich colors and patterns, many specifications and large selection space, which are especially suitable for kitchens and toilets

wood grain brick: long service life. It can also be used outdoors on the terrace.

wood grain brick refers to ceramic bricks with natural wood realistic texture patterns on the surface, which can be divided into two categories: original edge and hardbound edge. The former is long strip when fired and does not need to be cut; The latter is square brick, which is more convenient for later cutting and paving. Wood grain bricks as floor tiles can avoid the shortcomings of wood floors, such as fading and non wear resistance. They have long service life and high wear resistance. They do not need periodic waxing and maintenance like wooden products. Outdoor spaces such as balconies can be used

2. Ceramic tile demand: waterproof and non slip

antique ceramic tiles: absorb condensed water vapor, warm and not afraid of humidity and cold

antique ceramic tiles are also called retro tiles. In essence, glazed ceramic tiles are made into antique effects, and the texture mostly presents the natural feeling of slate and rock (slate tiles belong to this kind), and the surface is divided into fog and smooth. Antique bricks will absorb water vapor when it is wet, and release it when it is dry instead of condensing water vapor on the surface. It is not easy to slip and has high safety. In winter, it is not as cold as the stone floor, and has a better touch

carborundum tiles: natural silica absorbent home is a must for all ages

carborundum tiles are fired from ceramic tiles with natural silica sand. It is the silica sand layer on the surface that makes it extremely absorbent and anti-skid. It is very suitable for families with elderly or young children, and can be used in kitchens, balconies, and bathrooms. This type of ceramic tile has fewer choices of designs and colors, and most of them are small sizes, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary ceramic tiles

quartz brick: the lowest water absorption, the most moisture-proof bathroom preferred

quartz brick body is made of fine quartz particles or powder. Generally speaking, the tiles with lower water absorption will not absorb moisture. Quartz tiles have the lowest water absorption among all tiles, only 1%-3%, and have the best moisture-proof ability. It should be noted that quartz bricks can be divided into many types according to the surface material. If you want to prevent moisture and skid, you should choose quartz bricks with large ups and downs on the surface

3. Ceramic tile demand: brighten the space light

marble ceramic tile: specular gloss, transparent and clean

the correct point should be called imitation marble ceramic tile, and the texture, color, texture, hand feel and visual effect completely reach the lifelike of natural marble. The polished mask of high-quality marble tiles has the luster of a mirror, which can clearly reflect the scenery and make the space transparent and bright. Light colored marble ceramic tiles make the overall space cleaner, while dark colored tiles can make the space three-dimensional and fashionable

vitrified brick: the strengthened polished brick is bright but easy to slide.

vitrified brick is a kind of bright brick formed by grinding the surface of the whole brick body. Compared with polished brick, the water absorption is lower (less than 0.5%), and the price is more expensive. It is equivalent to the strengthened polished brick. The surface is generally bright without polishing. In rooms with poor lighting, the refractive index and brightening space can be increased, but the skid resistance is not very good

bright glazed tiles: good reflective effect to create a clean effect

bright glazed tiles are a kind of glazed tiles. Bright glazed tiles are relative to matte glazed tiles. Matte glazed tiles are light emitting to all aspects around, and the light is soft, which is not suitable for use in dark spaces; The reflective effect of the surface of bright glazed tiles is good, highlighting the cleanliness and brightness

4. Ceramic tile demand: increase the spatial level

mosaic ceramic tile: gradient multi-level kitchen and bathroom can be used in a large area

mosaic ceramic tile is a kind of brick with a special way of existence, which is generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large brick. Its rich colors and special small specifications make it the most artistic building materials. Each mosaic will produce different gloss and colors in the light. Whether it is the combination of the same color system or the mixing of various color materials, it will make the space show a gradual and multi-level decorative effect, which is very interesting

parquet tiles: clever patterns create a three-dimensional space of patterns

to increase the sense of spatial hierarchy, using parquet tiles is a good choice. There is no shortage of patterned tiles with conventional combination patterns such as geometric patterns, flowers and plants, as well as artistic patterns such as hand-painted patterns and line combinations. People who are keen on DIY may wish to try to combine and paste patterned tiles on the wall or ground of the bedroom, living room and bathroom lamp space, so as to bring different scenery and multi-level three-dimensional space to the bedroom

leather/cloth brick: different visual touch highlights the spatial texture tension

texture brick can also create a different visual touch for space, among which leather and cloth brick are widely used. The texture of cloth brick is very suitable for large-area living rooms, which can bring softness and delicacy to the overall space; Leather tiles can be paved with the same material in a large area to increase the space tension and make the space appear wide, or the leather tiles with the same color system and two colors can be paved gradually, showing a neat and simple space texture

three misunderstandings in the purchase of ceramic tiles

is there really something wrong with functional ceramic tiles

“ Antibacterial tiles &rdquo& ldquo; Acoustic tiles &rdquo& ldquo; Heating ceramic tiles &rdquo& hellip;& hellip; The seemingly ordinary ceramic tiles claim to have special functions such as purifying the air, sterilizing and antibacterial, health care and calming nerves, and releasing negative oxygen ions. Editors dare not jump to a conclusion whether they are true or false, but most salespeople can't figure out the functions and qualifications of these ceramic tiles, but they are true

for ceramic tiles, the test items listed in the national standard include hardness, water absorption, antifouling performance, etc., such as the content of negative ions and titanium ions, and how to test them? There is no corresponding standard in China. When buying ceramic tiles, these items listed in the standard should be the performance indicators of general concern, and other functions are not necessary to be realized through ceramic tiles

is tile radiation present

" Ceramic tiles have radiation, which will endanger human health;, Since this sentence came out on the Internet, people who are increasingly pursuing health have been very worried: does ceramic tile radiation really exist and how much harm it does to human body

in fact, no matter it is the influence of ceramic tile minerals or processing additives, radiation is inevitable, such as zirconia added to ultra white tiles, polished tiles, or uranium and potassium contained in dark glazes. However, because the ceramic tiles are only the artificial synthesis of natural materials, the radiation is much less than that of natural materials, and its radioactivity is basically maintained at a low level. At present, the ceramic tiles on the market have passed the national radiation standards. As long as they are reasonably paved and pay attention to ventilation, the health of users will not be endangered

how to choose thick and thin tiles

thick ceramic tiles have high strength and corrosion resistance. Because ceramic tiles are fired at high temperature, the resistance to damage of ceramic tiles is much higher than that of stone under the condition of the same thickness

on the other hand, thin ceramic tiles have become a general trend in the future because of their advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and low production costs. Ceramic tiles are thin, which is very beneficial to the sintering performance, and can produce products that meet the needs of consumers in large quantities under the condition of reducing energy consumption and resources. However, the damage resistance and bearing capacity of thin ceramic tiles need to be improved

editor's summary: the above is how to choose ceramic tiles for decoration. Professionals' tips: solve the relevant introduction of the three misunderstandings in the purchase of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are almost a must-use building material for every household. In addition to decorative space, practicality is the most important. Choosing the corresponding advantageous products according to the use needs can get twice the result with half the effort in the purchase of home decoration building materials, and is conducive to the selection of decoration materials that are most suitable for their own home environment





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