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On January 8, 2017, the temptation of wood light - the interpretation and release of the fashion trend of painting colors of seven lifestyles were presented in the focus city Hangzhou

on January 8, 2017, the temptation of wood light - the interpretation of the popular trend of fashionable painting colors of seven lifestyles was published in the focus city Hangzhou. It has brought a visual feast of painting colors to nearly 1000 excellent home furnishing entrepreneurs, designers and dealers at home and abroad

from January 8 to 10, the cutting-edge summit of whole wood custom design with the theme of "home furnishing? Intelligent painting? New definition" was held in Hangzhou. This summit brought together nearly 1000 people from domestic and foreign custom furniture industry experts, professors, entrepreneurs, designers, senior media and so on to explore the development trend of the custom industry. China Resources paint was invited to attend and interpreted and released the fashion painting color trends of seven lifestyles

at the press conference, Ms. caixiaoyan, the sales and operation director of Valspar China Resources furniture paint, the operation director of Valspar China Resources painting color research and Development Institute, and the design director of Chengdu Sekong Industrial Design Co., Ltd. interpreted the seven lifestyles, and then combined with the form of catwalk, deduced the trend of furniture painting color from the painting level, explaining a rich home lifestyle for the on-site guests, It also brings a visual feast full of fashion

at the same time, the "PCAs international fashion coating color application system" launched by the furniture industry also made a grand appearance at the summit, unveiling its mystery, and partially displaying and interpreting the color system at the scene. The guests showed great interest in the PCAs color system and said that the launch of the PCAs color system will greatly solve the problems of color selection, color matching and color matching for enterprises, which is of milestone significance

on January 10, Mr. Li Handa, brand director of Valspar China Resources furniture paint, and Mr. Zhao Xiaohui, product promotion manager, will share the theme of "painting and color design" with celebrities in the industry to further interpret the charming charm of fashion painting for on-site guests

painting is the practice of "paint" and "utensil". Since the beginning of "fashion painting" for the first time, China Resources paint has been promoting the painting color and process to the height of art with a hard-working attitude for seven years

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