Nanxun district government leaders visited Xiyingm

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On the morning of December 14, Yang Weidong, deputy secretary of the Nanxun district Party committee and acting head of the District, and his delegation visited Xiyingmen wood industry for inspection and guidance. Shenjianqiang, the general manager of the company, zhongxinfang, the director of the internal control department, and Ji Xingmei, the administrative and personnel manager, accompanied the inspection

district head Yang first listened to the brief introduction of Xi yingmen company by Shen Zong and Minister Zhong. He fully affirmed the rapid development of Xiyingmen and hoped that Xiyingmen would seize the opportunity under the new economic normal, strengthen innovation and enhance its core competitiveness

in the factory workshop, Mr. Shen introduced the 6S management of Xiyingmen's R & D center and production site to Mr. Yang. In recent years, Xiyingmen has invested heavily in the research and development of new products, and has truly transformed its technical strength into enterprise competitiveness. Both quality and service are at the forefront of the same industry

then, Mr. Shen took Mr. Yang and his party to the company's exhibition hall. The newly decorated exhibition hall deeply attracted the attention of visitors and kept asking Mr. Shen about the material and technology of products

Mayor Yang also affirmed the design and layout of the company's exhibition hall. He pointed out that the business operators of Nanxun should take the initiative to change their development ideas, broaden their horizons, make full use of the company's core technical strength, and take the development road of specialization, high-end and branding, so as to expand the brand influence to a broader market

looking forward to the future, Xiyingmen will continue to take the care of leaders at all levels as the driving force, continue to deepen design innovation, develop new products and processes, improve management and service levels, become the pacesetter of Nanxun wood products industry, and better serve the economic and social development of Nanxun




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