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Mr. Li asked the decoration company to decorate his new house, and soon after moving in, he encountered the problem of falling off the paint on the roof. The decoration company also insisted that the roof was leaking, completely shirking the responsibility, so that Mr. Li and the decoration company were in a stalemate for a long time and could not be solved. Similar decoration wrangling is quite common. Since the introduction of home decoration insurance, this kind of problem can be effectively solved. But most owners are unfamiliar with the new measure of home decoration insurance. What they most want to know is: what benefits can home decoration insurance cover for themselves? What kind of problem happened and what kind of situation was it covered

◆ benefits of home improvement insurance

insiders said that although many home improvement specifications have been launched and implemented in 2008, there are still loopholes. The emergence of home improvement insurance just conforms to today's market and attracts the attention of more and more consumers. On the one hand, home decoration insurance can solve the disputes between decoration companies and consumers, on the other hand, it can bring intangible pressure to the whole market and promote benign competition. More importantly, home decoration engineering quality insurance makes decoration companies more self disciplined. For consumers with high-grade decoration, it is worthwhile to apply for decoration insurance

◆ home decoration insurance is divided into two types

home decoration insurance is not a new term in the home decoration industry. Home decoration insurance is a very popular insurance in foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is understood that the home decoration Insurance launched by the home decoration company includes a one-year basic insurance plan worth 100000 yuan and a one-year health insurance plan worth 100000 yuan. The former will be presented to all home decoration customers who have signed contracts with home decoration companies. The Ankang plan will provide protection for the loss of household goods caused by fire, theft, accident, water insurance, explosion, lightning and so on, with an insurance amount of 100000 yuan

another form of home decoration insurance is home decoration project quality insurance, which is an insurance agreement signed between decoration companies and insurance companies. The applicant is a decoration company, and the customer of the decoration company will not bear any expenses as the beneficiary. The insurance will take effect at the same time when the consumer signs the home decoration agreement with the decoration company, and will get the engineering quality credit card and Insurance Manual of the decoration company. In case of casualty accidents, property losses, floods, fires, quality accidents, etc. during the construction process, the insurance company shall bear the relevant expenses. The decoration company shall repair the project quality damage during the warranty period, but the cost shall be borne by the insurance company

◆ family property comprehensive insurance is more popular

it is understood that the sales volume of decoration insurance is actually very general. The possible loss of decoration is not big after all. Insurance experts believe that it is more reasonable for families to buy comprehensive family property insurance. It is understood that at present, domestic insurance companies generally have comprehensive family property insurance (hereinafter referred to as family property insurance), which includes the family decoration part. Consumers can insure according to their own needs. Generally, it is 10000 yuan, and the payment is 8 yuan/year; The guarantee is 100000 yuan, 80 yuan/year

◆ natural disaster losses are excluded

at present, the family property insurance products on the market have been increasingly refined, including the family property insurance for owner occupiers, lessees and lessors, as well as the ordinary version, luxury version and ultra luxury version launched according to the financial situation of families. The coverage of family property comprehensive insurance consists of three parts: house and ancillary equipment, interior decoration and indoor property. The applicant can choose to insure freely

according to insiders, the insurance amount of houses, ancillary equipment and interior decoration can be determined according to the purchase price and market price. The insured amount of indoor property is determined by the actual value of each property. General family property comprehensive insurance has additional insurance, additional cash, jewelry theft rescue, third-party liability insurance, etc. Pipeline burst and water damage insurance are the most practical. The head of the Pacific Property insurance underwriting department said that the company had paid 560000 yuan to a family whose water pipe burst caused losses. In terms of insurance premiums, according to the coverage and insured amount, the insurance period for premiums ranging from 200 to 500 yuan is generally 1 year

of course, home property insurance, like other types of insurance, does not cover all losses. For example, the theft caused by the owner going out without closing the door, or the theft between family members and nannies, cannot be insured. If there are obvious signs of theft, the insurance company can make compensation. Therefore, the owner must carefully read all the insurance clauses before applying for insurance. Since the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, home property insurance has attracted a lot of attention, but in fact, owners can pay more for additional insurance, which is more secure. Because generally speaking, home decoration losses caused by natural disasters such as earthquake, storm and tsunami are not covered by home property insurance





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