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NVIDIA released the second generation general computing architecture CUDA 2.0

although there was no NVIDIA x86 processor or 55nmgt200 new graphics card at the nvision08 conference, developers welcomed the second generation GPU general computing architecture cuda2.0 of NVIDIA

cuda2.0 adds support for windowsvista32/64-bit and MacOSX operating systems, as well as windowsxp32/64-bit and many Linux distributions, such as redhatenterprise4 x/5. x. Suselinuxenterprisedesktop10, opensuse10.2/10.3, there are many favorable conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export, such as fedora8, ubuntu7.04/7.10, etc. In this way, developers can use CUDA technology in almost any environment

cuda2.0 also supports more abundant hardware models of graphics cards, comprehensively involving geforcegtx200/9/8 series independent desktop graphics cards, geforce mechanical equipment, which are essentially the same 8000 Series integrated graphics cards, quadrofx/plex series professional graphics cards, geforce9/8 series notebook graphics cards, quadronvs series commercial graphics cards, and Tesla series general computing platforms. The detailed list is here

in addition, cuda2.0 also supports 3D texture, hardware difference and other technologies

nvidia has listed 122 application projects supporting CUDA operation on its official website, covering computational fluid dynamics, digital content creation, electronic design automation, finance, game physics, graphics and images, life sciences, oil and gas, signal processing, audio and video, programming tools and other aspects. It has almost everything, with performance improvement ranging from several times to hundreds of times

what is particularly interesting is that NVIDIA also mentioned an example of Photoshop plug-in, which supports PC and MAC platforms. Developers can use this to design extensions for Photoshop, transfer some heavy computing tasks to GPU, and greatly improve software operation and task execution efficiency

according to previous news, the next version of photoshopcs4 will be officially released on October 1, supporting GPU and physical acceleration. These two points have been basically confirmed, but we thought that the new version of Photoshop directly supports GPU acceleration. However, it seems that the current advanced technology mainly relies on import specialization and innovation through the installation of CUDA plug-ins. The price is expensive, and good technology is not widely used

nvidiacuda2.0 driver, toolkit and software development kit (SDK) download page:

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