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North China nursery stock: the cold in Baoding, Hebei Province confused the public

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core tip: core tip: at this time in previous years, nursery stock brokers were busy looking for nursery stock, but this year the situation was quite not optimistic. Nursery stock brokers had no list in hand and did not know where the project was. They should use

for the project at this time in previous years, ink "> nursery stock brokers are busy looking for seedlings to stock up, but this year the situation is not optimistic. Nursery stock brokers do not have a list in hand, do not know where the project is, and have no idea what seedlings to use in the project. They are confused that the simple operation of Jinan Shijin manual Rockwell hardness tester experiment is the current status of many nursery stock brokers who are able to move up and down.

analyzing the current nursery stock situation, it is mainly due to the adjustment of the current environment The state's emphasis on ecological construction is good for a long time. However, at present, it is in the gear shifting period, and the decline of the real estate market is difficult to improve. Due to the serious debt of the government, there are few municipal engineering projects, and the demand for seedlings in the engineering market has decreased as a whole. In the past, nursery expansion also drove the nursery market. This year, the momentum of nursery expansion also came to an abrupt end. How can so many seedlings be digested? The market panic selling mentality has emerged, and it is estimated that the situation will be more severe next year

some of the nurseries that made money in the past few years can still carry some funds. The most miserable thing is that the farmers who have just entered the seedling market are eager to help to avoid getting deeper and deeper. As far as the nursery stock market is concerned, the nursery stock market with a diameter of more than 8 cm at breast height is relatively good. Ink "> Sophora japonica, ink"> Luan tree and silk cotton wood have a slight rise, and the price of ink "> Fraxinus with a diameter of 8 cm has an upward trend because of the lack of nursery stock in previous years. The price of seedlings with a breast height diameter of 4 cm to 6 cm is declining, but the decline is stable. The most miserable thing is that the seedlings with a breast height diameter of less than 3 cm are tumbling down. Compared with the price of similar products made of simpler plastic materials day by day, new seedling farmers have begun to sell off due to excessive psychological pressure

due to environmental pressure, Ink "> Hebei Province needs to increase its investment in ecological construction, but the real problem faced by local governments is where the money comes from. In some areas, the repayment of land requisition in previous years has not been made in place. The government will not do any more greening by borrowing money. Only innovating the greening mode and trying to limit the speed of 1~500mm/min is enough to introduce social funds to participate.

(cuiweijing, general manager of Hebei Baoding Zhubang Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.)

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