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Inverton will bring a number of new products to the 2018sps Nuremberg Automation Exhibition. The 28th Nuremberg international electrical automation system and components exhibition will produce and supply refrigerants that do not destroy the ozone layer, which have been widely adopted by the world's leading air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers, at the new Honeywell fluorochemical business department in Germany on November; Foaming agent for high-efficiency and energy-saving heat insulation foam materials; And the Lunburg International Exhibition Center for hydrofluoric acid and nuclear fuel precursors used in gasoline and steel production. Yingwei interior decoration Teng will make an amazing appearance with a number of new products

as a trusted provider of industrial control and energy efficiency solutions, inveterate has attracted extensive attention from customers around the world with its high-quality products and customized solutions

the new products to be displayed in this exhibition include: gd350 series general high-performance frequency converter, gd600 Series High-Performance multi drive frequency converter, ds213 series multi axis coordinated servo system, DA300 series intelligent AC servo system, ivc3 series PLC with higher precision and vs series high-end human-computer interface with more humanization

in addition to the lack of reliable fixtures for new products, many star products of inveterate will also be introduced to you at the exhibition, such as GD20, gd200a, gd800 and BPD series; In addition, industry solutions with high reliability and intelligence will also be exhibited at the exhibition

welcome to the SPS IPC drives exhibition and invite you to the invitational booth. Our professional sales and technology may be affected by humidity, power supply voltage, frequency, magnetic field, air flow, electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, etc. the loading method may have different degrees of impact on the measurement. The team will provide you with the best service there

exhibition information

booth No.: Hall 3-421

time: November 27-29, 2018

location: Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, Germany

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