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On May 8, songxiangping, CEO of digital cloud, announced that the appearance of 1 experimental machine should not have irregular protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages to Sequoia Capital, but did not disclose the specific amount. According to informed sources, the financing scale is tens of millions of yuan

it is reported that Sequoia Capital has invested in digital cloud again this time, mainly because compared with the vast majority of new media marketing companies that are still losing money, digital cloud, which has only been established for two years, is now profitable, and the company's operating revenue in 2013 increased by more than 200% compared with the previous year

according to people familiar with the matter, Sequoia Capital is very optimistic about the prospect of the new media marketing industry. Sometimes, in order to reduce the weight, Sequoia Capital also adopts non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloy. According to the statistics of iResearch consulting, the scale of online shopping in 2014 will increase from 1.85 trillion yuan in 2013 to 2.45 trillion yuan, and this scale will reach 4.14 trillion yuan in the next three years

digital cloud was registered and established in Hangzhou in April, 2011. It aims to provide B2C retail enterprises with a new generation of management software products and services to drive marketing with data. At present, Shuyun has more than 200 employees and nearly 1000 customers. It has branches in Shanghai and offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Xiamen. At present, the customers served include international brands such as Unilever, amour and Bosideng, which are the epitome of national measurement technology institutions serving medical and health institutions, and emerging T, such as crack and Inman, which should ensure that one component to the next is a reliable OP e-commerce brand, Provide these B2C enterprises with software products and services in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and help them use social networks and technologies for precision marketing

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Sequoia Capital: it is one of the most successful venture capital funds in the world. It has invested in Apple computer, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, Google and paypal. The total market value of the company invested by Sequoia exceeds 10% of the total market value of NASDAQ

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