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Qingdao nursery stock market, Shandong Province, central China: American red maple seedlings continue to sell well

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core tip: core tip: this spring, the sales of American red maple seedlings were relatively satisfactory, and this momentum continued into the autumn of 2016. After the National Day holiday, a large number of customers made inquiries, and the trading volume also remained

this spring, Sales of red maple seedlings in the United States ink "> recently, China has been relatively satisfied with the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development. This momentum has continued until the autumn. After the National Day holiday, there are a lot of inquiry merchants, and the trading volume has also remained at a high level. Of course, affected by various factors, the actual transaction ink"> price may not be as high as expected

before, Customers who buy American red maple are concentrated in several inks in China "> there have been some subtle changes in the composition of customers in the nursery stock intensive areas this year. It is more obvious that the number of customers in Guangxi, Yunnan, Gansu and other places is increasing day by day. This means that understanding the new trend of plastic utilization in the household appliance industry shows that American red maple is heating up in these areas. These previously neglected purchasing power has been fully activated, supporting the sales of American red maple seedlings.

last year and the first half of this year, domestic red maple seedlings were newly built The number of nurseries continues to increase, and they are the main force to buy American red maple seedlings. Many of these new nurseries are invested by people from other industries. They pursue short-term and fast operation, so they prefer to choose new varieties with rich profits, including American Red Maple

this is in line with the common pattern in foreign countries.

it is undeniable that the supply of American Red Maple market is very sufficient, which directly leads to the decline in prices. Take the most popular red dot as an example. Last year, insiders predicted that the price of annual seedlings should be about 30 yuan per plant this year, but the actual price this year is only more than 10 yuan. Although this price also has a good profit, the gap between expectation and reality is really amazing. The price of autumn flame has almost reached the bottom, and more than 1 yuan per plant is approaching the cost

in terms of engineering seedlings, American Red Maple with breast height diameter of 12cm is the most popular. Because the seedlings of this specification are considered by the greening engineering market to be the most cost-effective, many large engineering companies have snapped up the seedlings of this specification. Now it is difficult to find large sales of seedlings of this specification in this province. (huangshengquan, general manager of Qingdao Yifeng Garden Co., Ltd.)

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