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The number of patent applications in Hangzhou is the largest in Zhejiang.

"Whoever has mastered more independent intellectual property rights in the high-tech field will occupy the commanding heights of international competition and gain favorable development space." On the occasion of the coming of the fifth world "Intellectual Property Day", Shenjian, vice mayor in charge of science and technology, believed in an exclusive interview that Hangzhou, as one of the "national pilot cities for intellectual property rights", has made gratifying achievements in all its work. The contraction rate s is expressed by the following formula: s={(D-M)/d} × 100% (1), creating a good atmosphere for the protection of intellectual property rights

under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and with the joint efforts of all relevant departments, the city's intellectual property management and protection system has been continuously improved, and gratifying achievements have been made in various work. Last year, the number of patent applications and authorizations in the city was 5932 and 2831, an increase of 31% and 20.47% respectively. After five years, the number of applications has leapt to the first place in the province again. The proposal on overhaul of the law has also been included in the legislative plan, and the ranking of cities has also increased significantly, ranking seventh after Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. By the end of last year, the city had registered 36280 trademarks, ranking second in the province. In 2004, 37 "famous trademarks with low experimental speed in Zhejiang Province" were newly recognized, and 19 famous trademarks were confirmed to have expired for three years. The total number of provincial famous trademarks in the city has reached 180. Five Chinese well-known trademarks have been declared to the State Trademark Office, four have been recognized, and a total of 11 Chinese well-known trademarks have been recognized

in terms of copyright protection and cracking down on illegal infringement, the city has taken the special action to protect intellectual property rights as the starting point, strengthened joint law enforcement, severely investigated and punished all kinds of violations of intellectual property rights, timely and effectively handled intellectual property disputes, protected the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property owners, and created a good social atmosphere and market environment for technological innovation and the development of high-tech industries

in order to do a good job in the future, Hangzhou has formulated a development plan for intellectual property rights, which has been affirmed and supported by the State Intellectual Property Office. The State Intellectual Property Office has set up the National Textile Information patent database in Hangzhou, which greatly facilitates our query of patent documents. The use of patent information to promote the development of this industry is beyond the expectation of the industry. According to the requirements of the pilot cities, the city's special joint enforcement action on intellectual property rights is gradually deepening. After discussion at the executive meeting of the municipal government, the regulations of Hangzhou on patent administration has been deliberated and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and is ready to be reported to the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress for approval. It is expected to become a local regulation of the city in the second half of the year, which will further promote technological innovation, strengthen intellectual property protection and improve the entrepreneurial investment environment of the city

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