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[magnificent 70 years of striving for a new era] Shunde fali robot R & D industry is rising, and the technology in the subdivision field is leading in the country.

Jinyang Zhang Taoyuan

in the microwave oven cavity production workshop of Galanz factory, on the production line composed of 33 robots, one robot waved the mechanical arm and relayed successively. Eight seconds later, a Galanz microwave oven cavity was produced. This automatic welding production line was built by Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd., a local robot manufacturer in Shunde. In Shunde, Foshan, Longshen is only one of the robot manufacturers that have grown up locally

with the traditional manufacturing industry actively promoting "machine replacement", the robot industry in Shunde, Foshan is rising, and more and more "Shunde made" robots appear in production workshops across the country

subdivision technology is leading in the country

as early as 2008, Huo Jintian led the company to transform from the traditional stainless steel processing field to robot research and development, and established Foshan lixunda Robot System Co., Ltd. Now this Shun enterprise is the "leader" in the field of light polishing robots to speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in China. "Workers are prone to inhale a large amount of smoke when polishing metal products. This occupational disease is difficult to cure, so they want to see if they can be replaced by machines." Huojintian, chairman of Foshan lixunda Robot System Co., Ltd., said

nowadays, the polishing and polishing robot of lexia is constantly optimized and has become an "expert" in the field of polishing and polishing

unlike most robot enterprises, Guangdong Jiateng Robot Automation Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of "machine feet". Nowadays, Jiateng has strong competitiveness in the field of domestic AGV handling robots. The AGV robot with visual recognition system developed by Jiateng can automatically see and find the way, which provides a lot of convenience for the handling and stacking of enterprises, and can hold up to 40 tons of goods

nowadays, Shunde robot enterprises have entered the robot industry from different sub sectors, and more and more robots have appeared in the manufacturing workshops of major manufacturing enterprises across the country

from single robot to smart factory

after the technology of integrated manufacturing of single robot continues to mature, Shunde local machine wangshugu (Technical Consultant) robot company began to work for the smart factory made by Robot Association from February 2014 to July 2015

in the hall of the headquarters of Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd., a "smart factory integrated control platform" composed of more than a dozen LCD screens is running. Through the Kanban of the management and control platform, the robot operation, the defective rate of production line, production progress, warehousing and logistics and other information. The design gap reserved for component solidification and metal replacement can reduce noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH) at a glance. "In the past, we used to research and develop single production links such as spraying, polishing and shell assembly. Now we connect these links to build a full chain of unmanned factories." Said Chen Xin, director of the General Department of Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd

at present, many large manufacturing enterprises such as Galanz, Wuxi cygnet and Shandong renoritte are actively cooperating with Longshen to complete the construction of intelligent factories, which has also become a new trend for Shunde local robot enterprises

build the whole industry chain in the robot field

unlike other domestic robot enterprises, which focus on integration, Shunde local bozhilin robot company has invested more energy in the research of the underlying technology of robots, and actively carried out the R & D and production of construction robots, property robots and cooking robots

"compared with industrial robots, construction robots are more complex, and their working environment is more complex. They not only need to use hands and feet, but also face a more complex environment. Therefore, the technology of controller is different from that of ordinary robots." Liang Yan, executive vice president of bozhilin Intelligent Technology Research Institute, said that through the decomposition of the construction process, the enterprise has selected more than 20 links to carry out robot research, of which many capable and professional "construction robots" have been basically formed, and construction robots such as concrete pouring, floor tile wallpaper, wall painting, steel bar binding will enter the construction site for trial in June

country garden plans to invest at least 80billion yuan in the robot valley where bozhilin is located, and proposes to introduce 10000 world-class robot experts to build a highland of the whole industrial chain of robot research, experiment, production, culture, life and education. Robot valley also plans to build a robot University Park. At present, it has established strategic cooperative relations with 18 universities such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Polytechnic University and West Lake University, and has built research, production, research and innovation bases and joint research institutes with Northeastern University and Hong Kong University of science and technology respectively

in March last year, the construction of Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing industrial base was also started in Shunde. This new production base will produce 6-axis robots, planar joint robots, parallel robots and other robot bodies, and carry out the R & D and manufacturing of industrial robot integrated application systems. It is expected that by 2024, the robot production capacity of this base will reach 75000 units per year

the core function of Foshan Robotics Institute, which was established in 2017, is to devote itself to the training and education of relevant personnel in the robot industry and deliver it to manufacturing enterprises, so as to meet the needs of operators and maintenance personnel for the gradual completion of automation transformation of production lines in manufacturing enterprises

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