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Xingbang straight arm high-altitude operation platform is the most widely used. It is favored to write the story of the shipyard.

Xingbang straight arm high-altitude operation platform is favored to write the story of the shipyard.

20 with the rapid economic development, China Construction Machinery Information

sinoboom self-developed and produced self-propelled straight arm high-altitude operation platform has been widely favored by major shipyards since its birth, and has an indissoluble bond with China's shipbuilding industry. Now simbond heavy industry and Singapore partner HL group have joined hands to bring gtbz20 straight arm products to large shipbuilding enterprises in Southeast Asia, and continue to write the story of sinoboom's Shipyard

Xingbang heavy industry boom lift is favored to write the story of the shipyard

this shipyard located on the island near Singapore is famous for its strict management and high requirements for equipment. The working environment such as sand blasting and paint coating in the shipbuilding industry has particularly strict requirements for dust prevention and corrosion prevention of equipment. In addition, the hot climate in Southeast Asia and the geographical location close to the sea cause abundant rainfall, and many times rainstorms, There are also high requirements for the waterproof grade of the equipment; Compared with the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine of more than 30t and the electronic universal testing machine, the operation time is long and the operation frequency is high. The equipment is often in full load operation, which also makes the shipyard compare with many suppliers when purchasing equipment, and put forward unusual expectations for the equipment. In the past, shipyards purchased aerial work equipment from Europe, America, Japan and other places. As a Chinese brand of aerial work equipment, sinoboom's gtbz20 entered the region for the first time to participate in the daily work of shipyards, which is of great significance to sinoboom's brand expansion

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