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Recently, the 10th anniversary celebration of Macao business daily was grandly opened at the Sheraton Hotel in Macao, presenting a unique ceremony. Leaders such as Ho Hau Wah, chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Yang Yunzhong, President of the Macao Federation of culture and media, and Deng Wenyu, President of the Macao business daily international media group also attended the scene and took a group photo with the guests. The fun site was also sincerely invited by Macao business daily to participate in this celebration, and provided full interactive technical support for the 10th anniversary celebration of Macao business daily, creating a different interactive experience at the dinner

with the elegant sound of sintered hollow bricks and hollow blocks gb13545 ⑵ 003 music, guests successively entered the venue and took their seats. During the celebration, the brand director of the fun scene delivered a speech on the stage and introduced the relevant functions of the fun scene interaction. It was introduced that the fun scene not only can carry out a variety of interactions through the large screen, but also has more than 30 on-site interaction functions such as sign in, lottery, voting, bullet screen, etc., to meet the needs of all-round interactive experience of different scenes. In a word, fun scene is a scene tool for interaction by connecting the scene screen, which can make the scene interaction better and the atmosphere more pleasant

after a simple explanation, a fun interaction session of shaking red envelopes was brought to the guests. The guests participated in the interaction by scanning the QR code on the large screen. After joining the team of shaking red envelopes, the guests shook desperately. Red envelopes flew all over the big screen. The guests' eyes gathered on the big screen and even said, "it's really good, it's fun."

at the moment when the light goes dark, a sphere full of guests' on-site sign in avatars slowly floats on the big equipment experiment screen. According to Bloomberg 24 last month, this is the fun scene - the 3D sign in wall specially customized by the big screen for the 10th anniversary celebration of Macao business daily will continue to show everyone's avatars on the 3D sphere with the rotation of the picture, and will sometimes enlarge and sometimes become smaller, and the 3D sphere is also rotating constantly, In addition, the heads of the guests who signed in also gathered the logo and theme of Macao business daily, and the flashing lights of the dinner also took this opportunity to light up

during the dinner, while the Macao business daily prepared rich and delicious dishes for the guests, the guests also sent gifts to the Macao business daily. The fun scene was even more original, sending gifts to the Macao business daily in a unique way - interactive scene experience. Macao business daily also gave a generous return gift to show its respect to the guests. After paying attention to the official account of Macao business daily, guests can participate in the first round of HK $10000 cash prize. Looking at the beautiful gift box and rolling avatar on the big screen, guests can't help praying that God will take care of them. Finally, the host announced the grand prize with a stop, and the dinner atmosphere was pushed to a climax. One after another, they interact to draw awards, which makes the guests soft at winning the awards. A naughty guest said: such interaction in the meal is not only conducive to digestion, but also to weight loss. It's really good. The key is to harvest unexpected awards, isn't it

Qu live accompanied Macao business daily to spend an unforgettable 10th anniversary ceremony, and the addition of Qu live - large screen also made the celebration more unique, and the atmosphere of the scene also improved to a higher style. The fun scene also provides a variety of scene interaction experiences, creating a warmer and cooler scene, making the scene become a sports oriented brain computer interface. After rapid development, it is more fun and interesting

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