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The first domestic ten million ton oil refining unit intelligent control system passed the acceptance

on May 21, Sinopec major equipment localization project "ten million ton large-scale oil refining unit intelligent control system" passed the acceptance and demonstration promotion in Changling Refining and chemical, ending the history of China's ten million ton oil refining project completely relying on foreign control systems. The system is included in the national special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, and is jointly implemented by Zhejiang zhongkong group and Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. Caoxianghong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and relevant leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology attended the acceptance meeting

for a long time, the high-end intelligent control system of major petrochemical projects in China has been basically monopolized by foreign countries, which is expensive and has an impact on the economic benefits of enterprises and the national economic information security

with the care and support of Sinopec headquarters, in June 2012, Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. worked closely with the system developer zhongkong group to successfully complete the installation, commissioning and start-up operation of the intelligent control system of the 8million ton oil refining unit, taking the lead in realizing the localization of the intelligent control system of Sinopec's major oil refining projects. While breaking the foreign monopoly, the investment was saved by nearly 50% at one time, reaching 7million yuan

the project relies on the development of intelligent control system and related integrated application technology for the ten million ton oil refining complex of Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., establishes a real-time database of the whole plant, and forms a system of production process control, safety management, storage and transportation supervision, video monitoring and information integration. The experimental results of manual registration can also be uploaded to an automation platform on the upper computer, The oil refining production has changed from the traditional decentralized management of a single unit to the industrial emission rate of 90% to the intensive management of multiple units, realizing the intelligent detection and control of the whole process

the successful localization of the system also shortens the delivery time of products and realizes the localization of spare parts supply, which plays a positive role in reducing the implementation risk and ensuring the construction progress of major oil refining projects

as the first user of the system, the user report of Changling Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. shows that the system has been running steadily for more than 600 days since it was put into use, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level. The redundant technology of spare parts and control real-time performance are better than foreign mainstream products. Changling Refining and chemical 10 provides a set of energy-saving basic materials that do not transmit visible light but transmit heat radiation. Relying on this system, the combined refining unit implements PID optimization and setting, and the automatic control rate of the unit reaches more than 95%. The operation stability of the unit and the redundancy of product quality are better, and the annual efficiency of the enterprise is 15 million yuan

the acceptance Expert Group believes that the system has the characteristics of high safety, high reliability and high stability, and the system has a friendly operation interface, which fully meets the needs of process control, detection, optimization and management of large-scale production of petrochemical plants

at present, the system has been popularized and applied in Maoming, Anqing, Yangzi and other oil refining enterprises

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