The first domestic minimum diameter open type TBM

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The first domestic minimum diameter open type TBM is tested in Hubei

the first domestic minimum diameter open type TBM is tested in Hubei

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the first domestic minimum diameter open type rock tunnel boring machine (TBM) independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry group, in addition to expanding production capacity, has started trial tunneling in Baolin tunnel construction of water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei Province

the first minimum diameter open rock tunnel boring machine (TBM)

offline ceremony

it is reported that the water resources allocation project in Northern Hubei Province will divert water from the entrance of Qingquangou tunnel of Danjiangkou reservoir to supply water to urban and rural life, industry and agriculture in Eastern Tang, so as to solve the problem of drought and water shortage in Northern Hubei. This open rock tunnel boring machine (TBM), with independent intellectual property rights, has an excavation diameter of 4 meters, a length of 290 meters, a weight of about 750 tons, and a total installed power of about 2400 kW. It was successfully offline in CRCC heavy industry on January 14. Subsequently, CRCC heavy industry sent a technical service team to manage the whole life cycle of the equipment, and made preparations for the assembly, stepping, installation of continuous belt system and slag transfer belt system at the project site, ensuring the smooth launch of this TBM. The Baolin tunnel constructed by Sinohydro Bureau 6 Co., Ltd. is located in bid section 16 of the project. The geological conditions here are complex, the tunnel space is narrow, the manual drilling and blasting method is difficult to construct, and the ventilation and material transportation are difficult. The TBM of "Baolin in Northern Hubei" tailored for the project by railway construction heavy industry will complete the excavation task of 10.6 kilometers. According to Cheng Yongliang, general manager of railway construction heavy industry, this open TBM has technically overcome the problems of "small-diameter TBM system integration", "personnel logistics channel layout", "ventilation and dust removal pipeline layout" and "small-diameter cutter head combined cutter box design". It has the characteristics of fast tunneling speed, high quality, safety and environmental protection, and fully meets the requirements of the project. This is also the first time that the minimum diameter open TBM is used in tunnel construction in China, It marks that TBM independently developed by CRCC heavy industry is widely used in domestic water conservancy and hydropower projects, expanding the application of TBM in China's engineering field, especially in the water conservancy industry, and improving the comprehensive competitiveness of "made in China"

excavation commencement site

the first domestic minimum diameter open type TBM is tested in Hubei

the TBM includes shield machine and rock tunnel boring machine (more than 30 inspection items above are marked with the words "not detected", Jinan Times friction and wear testing machine TBM). It integrates multidisciplinary cutting-edge technologies such as "machinery, 1.01 ~ 1.20 electrical, hydraulic" and continues to excavate rock layers with rotating cutter head to realize rapid excavation, mucking The "one-stop" operation of support has the characteristics of safety, speed and environmental protection, so it has become a sharp tool for tunnel construction. It is widely used in the construction of highway and railway, urban subway, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal pipe gallery and other projects. Because it has made outstanding contributions to China's economy and society, it has won the reputation of being a major country

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